Secrets and Lies Recap and Review 3/15/15 – Season 1, Ep. 4 – The Sister

By on March 16, 2015

Secrets and Lies, the new television series starring Ryan Phillipe, has aired three not so exciting episodes is finally starting to become an interesting mystery. Finally the focus changes and new suspects on Tom’s murder are revealed. Lets recap tonight’s episode ‘The Sister’.

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After getting in an argument with Dave in the last episode, Ben and his daughter Natalie aren’t on good term yet. Although both Dave and Natalie deny any involvement or romantic relationship, Ben’s not so sure he can go on with the friendship. Dave can’t be trusted anymore.

Ben also finds out his daughter was not babysitting Tom as she claimed, but sneaked off to go to a concert and had a friendly neighbor taking care of the boy while she was away. Ben gets suspicious on why his neighbors, the Richardsons, never told him or his wife about that. After questioning Vanessa, he comes to know about her son Malcolm, a child nobody knew the Richardsons had and died mysteriously. Ben decides to investigate and discovers the Richardsons moved to the USA under a different name because they were suspect in a case of sexual misconduct.

When Detective Cornell (Can anyone tell Juliette Lewis that in order to play a tough Detective she doesn’t need to always look emotionless and cold?) comes to know about Ben’s investigation on the Richardson couple, she makes it clear she knows what she need about their case. However, not to leave the house without creating another disturbance, Cornell tells Ben that although Natalie claim she went to a concert with a boyfriend, it was Dave who actually took her.

As Ben grows paranoid about the possibility of his best friend sleeping with his under aged daughter he also wants to know what Dave told Cornell the last time they spoke. Even though Dave said he would never do anything against Ben, he doesn’t feel he can trust anyone anymore.

This new person Ben is becoming makes him go after the Richardsons, since he suspects the couple is involved not only in their own son’s death but also in Tom’s murder. He starts to dig deep in the case and the truth about Malcolm’s death makes Ben question himself. Lets say that, yes, there’s a case of sexual misconduct involving the Richardsons, but no, it has no relations to their son’s death. Actually, the truth about the kid’s death is more painful and surprising than Ben could ever think. And his actions during his investigation expose the couple’s past to the whole neighborhood forcing them to move once again.

Regretting what his behavior caused to the Richardsons, which was the same thing all the media and the police has been doing with him, judging mercilessly, Ben decides to give Dave another chance and apologize. As they make up, Dave says he never told Cornell anything about their alibi on the night Tom was killed. Even though Ben still doesn’t remember a thing about that night.

As a proof his memory can’t be trusted, Cornell goes to Ben with a voicemail he left to Jess the day before Tom died. In the message Ben says he’s sorry and that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the following day.

Now, how will Ben explain that suspicious message?




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