Video: The Bachelor Spoof With Scott Eastwood and Dogs on Funny or Die

By on March 4, 2015

The Bachelor will be coming to a close shortly, but the spoofs will continue on. This time The Bachelor spoof features the very hot and hunky, Scott Eastwood who is not choosing a woman but is faced with choosing a dog.

'the bachelor spoof_scott eastwood'

The preview for the season of The Bachelor, a man looks for his partner, his soulmate, his best friend….followed by a close up of Eastwood throwing a ball to a group of dogs.

The host of the show speaks to the dogs and says, ‘dogs, when you walk into that house there will be no leashes, no rules.  You are here to find a master, but more importantly a best friend. Now only one of you can be chosen and the rest will be taken to the pound.’

Scott Eastwood tells the camera, ‘I’m just looking for a special dog. One that’s willing to play, take naps, no drama and won’t stare at me when I’m having sex, with a woman.’

In the most dramatic twist of the season of The Bachelor with Scott Eastwood and Dogs, Scott finds himself thinking about cats. Since he has never pictured himself a cat person, this creates some drama in the house.

Rose ceremonies are held and Scott tells the dogs that they all hold a dear spot in his heart but there can only be one.  Instead of a rose, the dog is given a bone.

The show ends with the host saying he has grown attached to many of the dogs and questions if they can ever do a show where he gets a dog. It leaves you wondering if Chris Harrison, who is divorced from his wife, would ever consider being The Bachelor. That would definitely be interesting and something to watch. Although something tells us he will be sticking to his hosting duties on The Bachelor. It seems much more fun than actually being the person who hands out the roses.

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