Whitney Bischoff Wins The Bachelor with Chris Soules

By on March 9, 2015

Whitney Bischoff is engaged to Chris Soules, The Bachelor.


After a season filled with drama and the two final women being Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley, The Bachelor, Chris Soules has chosen Whitney to be his wedded wife. Did Chris make the right choice? He seemed to be just as in love with Becca as he was in love with Whitney. But Becca wasn’t as sure about her feelings toward Chris as Whitney was. Did Chris pick Whitney because she was more sure of her feelings for him?

Becca revealed to Chris’ sisters she has no intention on moving to Arlington until she knows for sure that Chris is the one and then she will move anywhere to be with him. She also told Chris she wanted children and to get married, but she just wasn’t sure when that would be. Chris came on The Bachelor looking for a wife – not a girlfriend.  Chris’ dad said it best – ‘Whitney is the sure thing, but Becca is the one he wants.’

Hopefully, Whitney will be able to get over being the ‘sure thing’ and seeing her fiancé in love with someone else. That can’t be easy for anyone. I am sure we will hear how happy they are together when they make their rounds on the ABC talk shows.

Whitney was so sure of their relationship and could not tell Chris enough how much she loves him. Is that what finally won Chris over? Did he finally realize that a life with Whitney was what he wanted because she loved him so much?

In the end, Chris told Becca he cared for her but she wasn’t sure of her feelings for him. He let her down gently before Whitney joined him.

Chris proposed to Whitney – which is surprising – only because it seemed as if she was really the second choice.

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