The Big Bang Theory: ‘The Skywalker Incursion’ 4/2/15

By on April 3, 2015

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It’s a fantasy inspired episode this week on The Big Bang Theory as the gang tries to live out Sci-Fi and Medieval fiction in “The Skywalker Incursion.”

Sheldon and Leonard head to UC Berkley to speak on their latest research together and decide to take a detour into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. The others play a Game of Thrones inspired trial by combat Ping-Pong tournament to see who wins Howard’s Doctor Who TARDIS police door.

On the ride to Berkley, Leonard and Sheldon share the occasional witty banter with some funny innuendoes on popular ole’ time lyrics. Car rides have become an especially significant moment to bond between the two. This time however, Sheldon takes a break from being the travel supervisor or “road trip god” –as in previous episodes – and was the one to suggest a goofing off into Skywalker Ranch. Though it is very much like Sheldon to want to get immersed in anything Star WarsStar Trek or comic book related, it is always a refreshing take to watch how his overwhelming geek side trumps the controlling OCD infused super villain. Kind of like Two-Face from the Batman comics, only not as cool and nowhere near as intimidating.

Upon their arrival to the ranch, let’s just say Sheldon makes a run for it and both are detained by ranch security before being released with only a warning. Much like His previous restraining order from Stan Lee – where Sheldon barges into his home after misunderstanding Lee’s sarcasm in one episode – he’s rather proud to have been so close to statue of Chewbacca. To which he argues with Leonard to look at the bright side and appreciate the fact that he got to watch someone Taser him.

Back at the Wolowitz’ new home, the rest of the squad debate on what should be done with Howard’s old Doctor Who TARDIS police door. After finding a handy Ping-Pong table, Penny, Raj, Amy and Bernadette agree to play for it and whoever wins must take the door. Using the Game of Thrones “trial by combat” rights – reference most used by Tyrion Lannister – each team chose a champion to decide whether Howard was to keep the door or throw it out with the rest of the trash.

These games on the show have become somewhat of a commodity, but a fun one to say the least. It’s exciting to watch the cast interact with one another where all individuals have a say. It’s also endearing to watch them interlude other popular shows (i.e. Game of Thrones) references as the fan base for both are quite similar. The best part is when Penny calls out the scene in the battle between The Mountain and The Viper on Game of Thrones, to which she admits to actually liking the show because “it has dragons and people doing it.”

Most non-geeks are likely to agree with her just as well as most enjoyed watching the crew play along well without Sheldon and Leonard.


Favorite Quotes:

“No no, no, I like that show! Its got dragons and people doing it” – Penny to Bernadette

“We want to meet George Lucas and become his friends and play with him!” – Sheldon about George Lucas

 “If this doesn’t get him into your bed, nothing will.” – Bernadette to Amy

 “For all the times you find me irritating, you got to watch someone shoot me with a taser.” – Sheldon to Leonard

 “I’ll take your word for it, I was too busy trying not to defecate.” – Sheldon to Leonard

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