Confirmed: Robert Pattinson Engaged to FKA twigs

By on April 3, 2015

While the die hard fans of Robert Pattinson were hoping the news that the actor of Twilight Fame’s engagement to FKA twigs was an April Fool’s joke, we are here to tell you the engagement is for real and Robert Pattinson is officially off the market.

Robert Pattinson

After a brief relationship of a mere six months, Pattinson and his singing girlfriend, FKA twigs are making it official and are engaged according to PEOPLE Magazine. The couple’s reps have neither confirmed, nor denied the news yet but it is looking more like it is true, with reliable sources claiming the couple are in fact engaged.

The news was revealed by singer T-Pain who revealed to Vulture, during an interview, that FKA twigs my may not contribute to his new album because “she’s engaged now.” He continued, “Yeah, to ol’ Patty [Robert Pattinson].” Realizing he may have revealed the big news to squealing girls everywhere, he said, “I don’t know if she wanted anybody to know that …”

Of course, T-Pain’s tried to cover up his mistake by claiming it was an April Fool’s Day prank. Unfortunately, fans could be heard crying and didn’t believe the singer.

Pattinson, 28, and FKA twigs, 27, were first spotted together in September. The relationship proved to be upsetting for those holding out hope of a Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart reconciliation. Tabloids and trashy websites claimed Pattinson and his Twilight co-star were getting back together. It wasn’t true and the news that Pattinson and FKA Twigs are engaged only makes it more real – there will be no reconciliation between Pattinson and Stewart. Stewart cheated on Pattinson and while they ‘supposedly’ reconciled at some point – probably when the latest Twilight movie was released – there were also rumors that the relationship between Pattinson and Stewart was just for publicity.

Stay tuned for stories about how upset Kristen Stewart is about Robert Pattinson getting engaged. Of course, they will be lies – but believe them if you must!!

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