Dig Recap: Trust No One 4/16/15

By on April 16, 2015
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On the last episode of Dig, Peter was kicked off of the case for his personal attachment to it. Just as he’s closing in on the perp, Charlie, Debbie, and Josh escape from the Compound, Avram was set-up by the Bald Man and Red was stolen, and the biggest twist of them all- it turns out Emma isn’t dead, and she’s come to see Peter about what has transpired. We have all of the details from last week’s episode of Dig here.

Cohen talks to his and Peter’s latest lead in holding. Debbie gets into her car and tells Josh she’s called Billingham and has arranged a trade. Josh says to do it- turn him in to get Charlie back, but she has a better plan. Cohen arrives home later to have his boyfriend tell him that they have visitors. Cohen jokes about the visitor in question being his mother, then looks less than thrilled when Peter pops out from behind a door- and less so when Peter pulls Emma out from further into that room and introducers her: “Well, damn.”

Emma says someone attacked her, then played by his rules before they met, down to the hair being dyed red. He did this to get Peter’s attention alone. She goes on about being tortured by this one guy- and then earlier the present day, she realized they were going to kill her, so she attacked one guard and got free. Meanwhile, someone visits Lynn to tell her Peter never left. It’s an agent, who points out that Peter wanted him to run a lead about Emma, and she’s traced it to a safety deposit box. With Peter and the others, they process her defense wounds to try and ID her attacker. Cohen points out to Peter this whole thing centers on him now, so it just got complicated. He’s about to continue, only for Lynn to arrive at their door. Peter and Emma hide and Cohen tries to get rid of her, but she pushes past to try and see if he’s there. Cohen manages to convince her he and Peter are still at odds for a while. She gives him the info Peter wanted about the safety deposit box, then leaves. They come out of hiding, and Emma says she can lead them back to the place they kept her. With Debbie and Josh, they go shopping. She tells him to scream as loud as he can in a minute. He agrees and does it, causing a distraction when Debbie steals a number of things. They get out. That night, Emma guides Cohen and Peter to where she was held. They go in, and they come across a dead guard. They go further in and break a couple of doors til they find her holding cell. Peter points out shards of glass are around and covered in blood. Emma explains it’s hers. They see what look like her autopsy photos on the wall, and she explains it was all makeup jobs to make it look like she was dead. Peter comforts her, and she has to leave the room. Cohen takes Peter aside to note that he isn’t sure about trusting her. The next morning, the Ambassador talks to the Rabbi about progressing their plan.

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