General Hospital Recap for 4/6/15 – 4/10/15

By on April 11, 2015
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This week on General Hospital – Kiki and Morgan set Michael up for a fall; Elizabeth gives Ric another chance; and Sam becomes more drawn to Jake.


At General Hospital Elizabeth tells Nikolas about Jake’s wife, Hayden. Nikolas is surprised, since he knows that Jake is really Jason. Suspicious Nikolas heads to the Metro Court to confront Hayden. However, earlier, Hayden reveals some of her motives for playing faux wifey to Jake; she tries to seduce Ric in her hotel room (right after he declares how much he loves Elizabeth and how he wants Hayden to take Jake away from Port Charles), and when he declines, she snarls that she has needs too, dammit! Ric replies that is what Jake is for and goes to send sweet texts to Elizabeth.

At Wyndemere,  Spencer—still wearing a partial facemask as his burns heal–hacks into Nikolas’ safe and finds Jason’s wedding ring. He sees the inscription “Allen Quartermaine” and feels justified in giving it to Emma. So Spencer hops into his limo and orders his driver to head to the Drake house where Patrick and Emma are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sam and Danny. When Spencer tries to give the ring to Emma and asks to be his true love forever, Emma declines. She says the ring doesn’t belong to them, but to the Quartermaines. Spencer thinks Emma doesn’t love him anymore because he is ugly. After Spencer stomps off, Patrick consoles Emma. She is way too young to be committed to one true love!

Sam is on her way to Patrick’s when her car stalls. She manages to get it to the garage where Jake works. Jake explains Julian gave him this job and that he feels he must have been a mechanic—or at least loved cars—because he feels at home there. Hayden says he was in construction, but Jake has his doubts. He confesses that this isn’t exactly what he wanted. He wanted to remember his life, not be told about it. Hayden, while sweet and pretty, is still a stranger to him. Sam in turn reveals that she is moving in with Patrick and it feels right. Yet she experiences deja vu when Jake offers to drive her to Patrick’s on the back of a motorcycle. Sam is clearly thinking of Jason as she straps on a helmet—and Jake doesn’t. Tsk, tsk, Jake, you of all people should know better than to ride without a helmet!

At the Metro Court Restaurant Sabrina and baby Avery find Michael very upset from his allergies and the fact that the Cassadines are trying to take over ELQ. He does not suspect Nikolas, but Helena. Little does Michael know that his allergy meds were switched with something else, courtesy of Morgan and Kiki. If Michael drinks any alcohol, it will really mess him up. So Kiki and Morgan decide to pretend to get back together to upset Michael so much he will drink. Sure enough he orders a scotch with lunch, much to Sabrina’s concern. Sabrina sees that Michael is getting drunk, so she leaves with Avery. Michael stumbles over to Kiki and Morgan’s table where he rips into them: for lying to him, for never caring about him, for pretty much everything. Morgan taunts him until Michael tries to punch him. Morgan ducks and Michael falls over. Unfortunately there is a guy from Access Port Charles lurking. He begins to film, thanks to a tip from Morgan and Kiki. Kiki feels remorseful and offers to call a cab for Michael. Michael sneers that he is a Quartermaine; he has a driver!

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