iZombie Recap 4/28/15 Season 1, Ep. 7- Maternity Liv

By on April 28, 2015

iZombie begins this week’s episode with a bunch of drunk and over-privileged teens sitting around a campfire. The happy-go-lucky vibe is shattered when a dirty pregnant girl faints in front of them. She is instantly recognized as Emily Sparrow, the girl who has been missing for over eight months. While, everyone is sobbing over the death of the blonde and blue-eyed teen, a reporter is wondering whether the cops will look into the missing orphan kids from the skate park.


After chowing down on Emily’s brain, Liv get all maternal and gooey. Liv’s mom caught Liv staring all moony-eyed at Emily’s baby, who was miraculously saved by the doctors. Liv came to the hospital to visit her mom. But as her mom finds yet another opportune moment to nag Liv about her life choices, Liv ends up having yet another vision. Honestly, these “visions” are starting to get exhausting, even for me and I’m not even the one having them. Liv sees a memory of Dylan (Emily’s boyfriend/ her dear murder suspect) getting punched by Emily’s parents. It is from this memory that Liv thinks that Emily’s parents were really behind this. That they were responsible for keeping Emily locked-up for eight months after finding out that she was pregnant by her deadbeat boyfriend.

Clive and the Sergeant (on the down-low Zombie) question Dylan. What the scumbag didn’t tell the cops when Emily first disappeared was that she hitched a ride with a black truck. A truck that also seemed to contain a bunch of barking dogs. Dylan is (unfortunately) crossed off the suspect list.

Major phoned Clive to talk about the still missing Eddie and Jerome. In betch-move numero uno Major put Clive on speaker phone: in the room with him was the reporter from the press conference. Clive admitted that the police had misplaced priorities that they were expending too much energy on Emily’s case and not enough on the missing kids. Clive got an exact quote in the paper and ended up becoming the pariah of the police force.

In a tender and yawn-inducing moment, Liv goes to visit her mom at her job. She find her brother there, being all teenager-y, and hitting up his mom for gas money. Liv overcome by all the pseudo-pregnancy hormones clashing in her body decides to agree with her mother. Liv’s brother should get a job.

Still being punished by his fellow cops for his supposed “gaffe.” Clive gets a peek at the Sparrow’s property folder. Turns out the Sparrow corporation bought a cottage. Clive and Liv decide to go in and investigate said cottage.

Walking into an open cellar on the Sparrow property, they found a wood-carved crib. All of a sudden as they are sort-of illegal searching the property, they hear the loud barking of dogs. Are Liv and Clive dead-meat? Well, I guess, is Clive dead meat? Going to ruin the climatic moment here, turns out Emily’s parents were completely innocent. They were just grieving parents trying to maneuver life without their only child.

Liv and Clive end up chatting with an animal control officer. But, she seems to offer little to help them with their investigation.

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