Mama June Comes Out As Bisexual; Criticizes Pregnant Daughter!

By on April 26, 2015


Mama June is the sole reason that “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was taken off the air by TLC. She had been involved with romantic relationships with convicted child molesters with one of the victims being her eldest daughter Anna aka Chickadee. Mama also separated from long-time love Sugar Bear but that seemed to be short-lived as the couple is said to be working things out. After all, they did have a commitment ceremony that was broadcast on TLC and in every magazine in town. Now, Mama June has something new to add to her roster of interesting tales and “sketti” recipes: she is bisexual. During an interview for “Inside Edition,” both Mama and daughter Lauryn aka Pumpkin revealed that yes, they are attracted to both men and women. Comes a little too close to the heels of the whole Bruce Jenner interview where he confessed that he is becoming a woman, if you ask me.

It started with Pumpkin, 15 talking about who she is attracted to, saying “I’m attracted to females, and I’m attracted to males. You cannot hide who you truly are.” While Mama sat next to her daughter, Pumpkin then took the reigns and revealed that they are both attracted to women. Pumpkin called Mama “gay” but Mama June went on to clarify that she is bisexual, adding: “I played in the minors but never went pro.” As for a relationship, Pumpkin is apparently hopeful that she and an ex-girlfriend will rekindle their flame. Then we have Anna, 20 Mama’s eldest child who was the first to have a baby and then get married (not to her baby daddy). It has now been revealed that she is expecting her second child with husband Michael Caldwell. They both seem happy about the new arrival but Mama does not seem all that accepting towards her new grandbaby.

Mama took to Instagram to share how she felt about the big news: “Well guess who will b a gigi and aunts again in December. We will. @annamarie35 texted me late last night and told me she was 6 wks as of thursday.” Seems nice enough but then Mama went on to say: “They r too young to have another one i will support her and Michael but katilyn will always b gigis first baby. im not going to sugar coat its im nervous for them as i know they r struggling with just them and katilyn right now and adding another one is going b hard. And they r in different state for me to help her out like i was able to help alot with katilyn but going to try to b supportive as possible ….congrats @annamarie35 @cardwellmichael #gigisbaby#2.” 

So this second baby will just be chopped liver? After what Anna had to go through with being molested by her mother’s boyfriend and all the scrutiny revolving around the family, you would think her mom could be a little kinder with what she says. Oh well; guess we will just have to see what Mama has to say as time goes on.

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