Miley Cyrus Shows Nipples on Instagram With the Willis Girls!

By on April 16, 2015

miley cyrus on v half

Miley Cyrus has never been afraid of her own sexuality and neither have Scout and Tallulah Willis, famed daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Makes total sense why they are friends. Scout and Miley took to Instagram to flash their nipples, courtesy of Mert Atlas and his photography skills. With one breast exposed yet covered by a disco ball emoji, Miley captioned her photo: “@mertalas go & get ur camera phone onnnnnn itZzzzz a Photoshoot ! Finally re-yiew-nighted wiff my bae..” I am really not sure if that is English or not but as the night progressed, more photos were taken and Miley joked about her pregnancy (don’t worry, she’s not pregnant!). There’s a story in “Life and Style” that Cyrus and Selena Gomez are both preggers and share a baby daddy. That’s when Ms. Cyrus cleared that one up: “And by the same man we mean @justinbieber.

scout willis


Soon, it was time for Miley and Scout to get sexy for the camera where they both flashed nipples as Miley had her legs spread but covered her private area. Scout’s sister Tallulah was sitting on her hands and knees on a table next to the girls as they were being photographed. The Willis sisters have no qualms about nudity as Scout walked around naked in New York City to make a point. “My situation was in no way unique; women are regularly kicked off Instagram for posting photos with any portion of the areola exposed, while photos sans nipple—degrading as they might be—remain unchallenged. So I walked around New York topless and documented it on Twitter, pointing out that what is legal by New York state law is not allowed on Instagram. What began as a challenge to Instagram and its prejudiced community guidelines became an opportunity for dialogue. Matters like the taboo of the nipple in the 21st century, public breastfeeding, slut shaming, fat shaming, breast cancer awareness, body positivity, gender inequality, and censorship have found their way into mainstream discussion,” Scout had written after being kicked off of Instagram.

She added, “There are also some people who would criticize my choice to relate nipples with equality at all. To me, nipples seem to be at the very heart of the issue. In the 1930s, men’s nipples were just as provocative, shameful, and taboo as women’s are now, and men were protesting in much the same way…So why is it that 80 years later women can’t seem to achieve the same for their chests?” Probably because this makes people think that because you are Hollywood royalty that you must be spoiled and entitled, even if that is not the case. Miley herself, continued to post somewhat risque photos on Instagram and they all revolved around her nipples. So, what do you think of this? Is this showing young girls to be proud of their bodies or rather to be exhibitionists? Let us know your comments!



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