Nashville Recap 4/15/15 Season 3 Episode 18: “Nobody Knows But Me”

By on April 16, 2015
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Nashville begins with Juliette, who is going crazy being away from her music and spending way too much time with her baby. It’s kind of hilarious to watch Juliette have that much interaction with a child. Considering how far she’s come since season one, it’s not hard to see why she needs some alone time. She also commits to writing a song for the end credits of the Patsy Cline movie in 24 hours, probably not the best move on her part but she’s going pretty insane and wanting to work.


Maddie keeps acting cold towards Deacon. She’s not dealing with his sickness very well, especially now that he’s finally together with Rayna. Her response of pushing him away is a normal teenage response but it still doesn’t sit well with either Deacon or Rayna. Rayna also finds out about her seeing Luke’s son behind her back. What pisses off Rayna the most is that Luke knew about the whole relationship and Rayna was left completely in the dark.

Gunnar isn’t giving up on the whole Scarlett thing. She’s convinced that the relationship is strictly professional and that the connection only exists in the music. Gunnar believes something different and so does most of the world. The video clip of the two singing as a duo when Avery was off with Juliette ended up going viral. The trio had an interview and all the reporter could talk about was how amazing Gunnar and Scarlett sounded in the video. Gunnar went along with what the reporter was saying, more or less agreeing that they work better as a duo, and ultimately pissing off Scarlett even more.

Layla wants to open for pop star Jade (Christina Aguilera) and tells Jeff to get her the gig, knowing that he knows her. Once he comes face to face with her, we learn that the two were much more than just friends with benefits, the two were engaged and apparently Jade was the one who bailed on Jeff. It explains a lot about why he acts the way that he acts.

Juliette calls on Deacon to help her write the song since Avery is busy at an interview. He freaks out because Juliette pushes him for not being able to come up with any song ideas. She’s pushing him to channel his emotions. He tells her that they are both just rusting at writing songs and that’s why it’s taking longer than normal. Juliette starts yelling and asking why he is rusty. Deacon feels the pressure of telling her the truth about his illness but he doesn’t want to own up to it.

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