Nicholas Holt and Dianna Agron New Couple – No More Pining Over Jennifer Lawrence

By on April 9, 2015

It looks like Nicholas Holt has finally moved on from Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence and is dating former Glee actress, Dianna Agron.

'nicholas holt dating dianna agron'

Holt dated Lawrence on and off for four years, before ending their relationship for good in May 2014. Holt had been linked with several celebrities since his relationship with Lawrence ended, but no one serious. Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly dating Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s former husband for several months but reportedly broke up after only dating for a few months.

Nicholas and Dianna have reportedly have just begun dating and are keeping it low key, with trips to the local pub for their romantic outings, according to The Sun. The pair were first linked together back in December following Holt’s split from Caroline Flack. Flack took to twitter to insinuate that Holt cheated on her saying, ‘fill yourself with Glee.’ She quickly took the tweet down, but as you know – one second on social media is all you need.

Agron is currently in London, preparing for her Debut for the hit show, West End.

Neither Holt nor Agron are speaking about their relationship, but based on how Holt handled his relationship with Lawrence, it is safe to say we will not be hearing anything soon. Holt seems to be a very private person with details of his personal life being limited. The same goes for Agron.

Dianna Agron has a long dating history with a number of celebrities including Alex Pettyfer and David Franco.

What do you think about Nicholas Holt and Dianna Agron dating? They definitely make a very attractive couple.

It’s nice to see Holt finally being able to move on from his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. The two are said to have remained friends and he stood by Jennifer Lawrence when the naked photos of her were leaked onto the internet.

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