The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 4/21/15 – Secrets Revealed

By on April 21, 2015
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were back on final time to give us a peek at what happened behind the scenes. I thought all the secrets were already revealed but I’m game for more.

The show opened with Lisa Rinna telling us she gives good blowjobs. Yup. But Brandi is trashy. The ladies went to some festival for Lisa where the cameras were ignoring all of them but Lisa R. We got to see a flashback to Brandi threatening to knock someone’s teeth out to explain why Lisa didn’t invite Brandi and Kim. Lisa shared that she posed for Playboy with the ladies and said that there is no need for her phone to be hacked for naked pics. They were some nice shots of Lisa and she did pose in one layout naked. Way to go Rinna!

Now we see why this stuff didn’t make the regular season. Discussing Lisa’s Playboy centerfolds wasn’t very exciting. Did the ladies really not know?

Lisa V and Kyle got in a car to leave and Lisa decided to google Lisa R’s pictorials. This can’t really be the first time they saw it.

Yolanda said her house is for sale. She’s using Mauricio as her agent. How could she be selling that beauty? That was like her and David’s labor of love. But Yolanda wants no maintenance. Nothing. Mauricio is going to take her to look at the house next door to where Michael Jackson died. That’s some selling point. 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Talk about your low maintenance house. Mauricio is taking her to look at homes in the 12-15 million dollar range. Yolanda loves the year but didn’t she say smaller and low maintenance? Did Bravo do a crossover with Million Dollar Homes?

More yawns. Again, this is why we only saw Poker Night replayed over and over. The rest of the stuff was boring.

But wait! The good part is coming. Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna sitting on a bench and Kim saying, “Be careful or I’m going to f**k you up.” Now why was that cut out this season?!!!

But first we have to listen to Andy ask the ladies if they’re ready to be grandmas. Yeah, Andy, that’s why they look like they went to a filler convention. They want to be known as grandmas.

Lisa V shows that everything she touches turns to gold. Her daughter Pandora is too busy hawking Lisa’s sangria to make her a grandmother. Lisa knows that they’d rather be with friends but she does insist that family comes first. Except where is Max? Hmm. Lisa brings out a baby outfit that she’s had for five years to let Pandora know she’s ready. She also tells us that she’ll spoil that kid.

More yawns.

Finally the Kim and Lisa showdown. Lisa sent Kim threatening texts after Adrienne’s party. Remember that party where nobody saw Adrienne’s magic appearance? Kim lets Lisa know she’s only there to talk about the texts and tells Lisa, “be very careful or I’m gonna f&*k you up.” What bothers Kim most is that they didn’t come from anger. Or at least she doesn’t think they did. Kim wants to know that Lisa is not going to hurt her. Lisa wants Kim to understand what triggered her and the injustice she felt. She was f*&king pissed of man. Her words, not mine.

And there it is. The flashback to the wine glass incident. Lisa really thinks everyone would have been across the table if Kim said something about their husbands. Um, no, Lisa. Isn’t that your issue with Brandi? Kim’s not going there anyway. She is all about the threats. Lisa thinks they were justified and tells Kim to be straight up honest. Kim wants to know that she’s safe in an environment with Lisa and she’s going to keep her hands off of her. Lisa looks like she’s ready to lunge but says yes. Kim leaves Lisa sitting there. Lisa still wanted her pound of flesh but she wasn’t getting it.

She yells some warning to Kim that someone is eventually going to hold Kim accountable but you can see this confrontation did not go the way she hoped. She totally hoped Kim was going to say, “yeah, Lisa, it was totally ok for you to send me a series of threatening messages way after our fight.”

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