Revenge Recap 4/26/15- Season 4, Ep. 21- Aftermath

By on April 26, 2015
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“Revenge” is taking strides to make it seem like season four will be the last season of this fan favorite. It would make a lot of sense to end the show now with all the revelations and, oh yeah…Victoria blew herself up so, hey. You can keep up with season four of “Revenge” right here.


Secrets are all out which means they are no longer secrets. The world knows that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke and it seems like Daniel’s name may have been cleared but you cannot always change public opinion. Jealous that Nolan is ready to end their “marriage,” Louise decides that she wants to team up with Victoria to take Nolan and Amanda down. Victoria wants Margaux involved but she says that all of this revenge has caused too much drama and trauma. She also clears the air about Amanda pushing her into the road when she got hit by the taxi. Margaux makes it known that it was, in fact, an accident and there was no ill will. But then she decides that she and Victoria have been deceived too much so the three angry women band together. They realize that they will need to get someone like Nolan to help them with all the hacking and technological stuff.

Amanda still has the spark in her despite the fact that she is now trying to identify with her true self while rectify the past. Without knowing, David goes to the doctor and learns that he has cancer. He only tells Stevie and is definitely not ready to tell his daughter who has been through so much. Nolan tells Jack that he should be with Amanda but it seems like it is too late for both of them as he packs up to move West. Finally, Victoria is in the mansion and she decides to ignite her world…and ends up blowing herself to bits. Wondering if she is really dead? Rumor has it that she did die in the fire.

Keep reading to see how everyone deals with her death.

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