The Bachelorette 2015 With Kaitlyn Spoilers 6/1/15 – Season 11 Ep.4 – Who Was Eliminated?

By on May 30, 2015
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The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe left off with a bachelor, Kupah, causing a scene. When Kupah tells Kaitlyn, in not so many words, that he feels as though he was being kept to fill a quota, Kaitlyn disagrees with him and sends him on his way. Only he wants none of it and is angry. So angry that he is causing a scene outside with the cameramen. Kaitlyn is unhappy with how Kupah treats others and is happy she made the decision to eliminate Kupah before the rose ceremony. We have the complete recap of the episode of The Bachelorette with Kupah and Kaitlyn arguing here.

Kaitlyn from the Bachelorette

Kaitlyn went straight to the rose ceremony, following the elimination of Kupah. Following the elimination of three men (you can see who they are on the next page), sixteen men move on in an attempt to capture Kaitlyn’s heart.

As if boxing wasn’t enough, especially when a contestant was injured, the producers at ABC want to stay with the violence theme this season and invite World Champion sumo wrestlers Biyamba and Yama to teach six bachelors; JJ, Chris, Clint, Shawn B., Joe, and Tony, to wrestle. Since Tony is all about peace and against violence he is not happy with the fighting and eliminates himself from the date. He showed up at some point (not sure if it was during or after the sumo wrestling took place) and told Kaitlyn that he was leaving. The group date rose went to Shawn Booth.

This week’s one on one date is with Ben Z. Kaitlyn doesn’t know who is on her date until he shows up. The date is based on the former reality show, “Fear Factor.” They meet in a warehouse where they deal with scorpions and snakes. Ben received the rose.

The second group date for six bachelors; Ryan B., Joshua, Ben H., Jonathan, Tanner, and Jared takes place at an elementary school, where the men find out that they need to teach a class on the “birds and bees.” Ben H. receives the group date rose.

Meanwhile, a budding bro-mance between two inseparable bachelors might interfere with Kaitlyn’s search for love. Or is this just ABC hyping something that isn’t there? A bro-mance between Clint and JJ has been played up with Clint causing some drama on the internet, when he apologizes to this father, for being gay. We have the article showing all of Clint’s tweets and the outrage over the “bro-mance” here.

Are we alone in believing that ABC is going a bit overboard with all the drama this season? Or is it all real? Between the bro-mance, the return of Nick Viall, Kaitlyn making out with EVERYONE, it seems like the show is off the charts this season. The craziness may be turning off the viewers, rather than bringing them in.

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Go the next page for photos from the episode and to see who was eliminated!

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