Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Spotted Out Together – Fighting Divorce Rumors?

By on May 29, 2015
'Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorce imminent'

Are Ben Affleck and wife, Jennifer Garner taking the bull by the horns to fight the ugly divorce rumors? The couple were spotted with their daughters in Santa Monica on Thursday, May 28, 2015.

'Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorce imminent'

Ben and Jen during happier times

With rumors the couple are already leading separate lives and no longer live together and that a divorce announcement is imminent, the couple took the girls to Santa Monica. Ben played the doting dad, carrying Seraphina on his shoulders, while Jen held her older daughter, Violet’s hand. Their three year old son, Samuel was not with them. While the couple was together, there were no smiles. They both dealt with the children, with no interaction between them.

The couple have been said to have reached their breaking point in the marriage and while they usually ride out the rough times, Jen is said to have had enough with Ben’s bad boy behavior. The latest antic included a fight on Jen’s birthday with Affleck later being spotted in a small town in Canada with a very attractive woman at a hotel. Jen was also said to have spent Mother’s Day with her children and parents, who flew in from Ohio to see her. Ben was no where to be found. Did Jen’s parents come in to support their daughter, who is going through troubled times?

Some magazines are claiming Jen has been preparing for a divorce for a while, seeing a therapist, to help her to deal with it so she could help her children, as well.

If the couple were to divorce, they have a $150 million to fight over. Jennifer Garner would most likely get full custody of the children. Jennifer has joked about Ben’s parenting styles in the past saying, Ben leaves the hard work to her and anything fun is left to Ben. Homework, baths and dinner are all handled by her.

Before Affleck left to film Batman, Garner admitted in an interview that the family would struggle. She said, ‘When he’s really home he’s so in dad mode and I think he’s going to have a bad time.’ It looks like Ben dealt with his ‘bad time’ in his own way and it may not have been the best way for either he or his family.

What are your thoughts about the couple making an effort to be seen together in the midst of divorce rumors? While they tried to make a united front, there were few smiles or happiness spotted.

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