Is Bobby Flay the Father of January Jones’ Son?

By on May 28, 2015

Is Bobby Flay the father of January Jones’ son? With the latest buzz surrounding the famous chef and his wife, Stephanie March’s divorce and March accusing Flay of having an affair with Jones in 2010, anything is possible.

"January Jones is a cheater"

Back in 2010, when January Jones was in a car accident, Flay mysteriously showed up. Apparently, Jones called him from the accident site. Flay claimed they had only met that night and Jones had his phone number because she was having her kitchen re-done and wanted her kitchen designer to reach out to Flay. March says otherwise.

March has claimed in court papers that Bobby committed adultery with January several times in 2010, saying the couple had sex many times and in different places, including the London hotel in Los Angeles.

Who the father of January Jones’ son has been a mystery since his birth in September 2011. As a result of Jones’ refusal to name the man, there have been several theories as to who it could be. Jason Sudeikis made the list, following a brief relationship with Jones. Apparently the actor seemed nervous when asked about Jones’ pregnancy, making him a prime suspect. Also making the list was Michael Fassbender, who was starring alongside her in the X-Men: First Class at the time.

The only people who know if Flay is the baby Daddy of January Jones’ son, Xander is Flay and Jones. This might be the mystery that is never solved much like the Bermuda Triangle.

Flay’s divorce started out nasty and only seems to be getting worse. March claims to have evidence that Flay had multiple affairs in addition to Jones, including with his personal assistant and a food stylist. The rags have named noted celebrity chef, Giada Laurentis, who separated from her husband at the same as Flay announced his separation, as someone else who Flay had an affair with.

March is requesting that the prenup she signed with Flay to be null and void.

What do you think – is Bobby Flay the father of Xander Jones or is the baby daddy of January Jones still a mystery?


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  1. Christina

    July 8, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Definitely not, physically impossible for two blue eyed people to have a brown eyed kid. The father has brown eyes, Flay’s appear to be blue or green.

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