Bravo’s Andy Cohen Confesses to Sleeping With Lance Bass

By on May 7, 2015
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Bravo executive and talk show host of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen has spilled the beans on his sexual conquest from the past, Lance Bass, on N-Synch fame.

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Sonja Morgan turned the tables on Cohen during a special episode of Watch What Happens Live, asking Andy some very hard questions that we have always wanted to know the answers to.

Some of the questions included:

Who is Andy’s favorite Housewife? At first Andy refused to answer this question, but since that was not an option, Cohen finally gave the easy answer and said Vicki Gunvalson – since she was the very first housewife.

Who is your celebrity crush? “Today, Zac Efron because these really racy photos were just released of him on Laguna Beach wearing these ‘panties?’

Have you ever slept with a woman? “No, not fully.”

Where’s the craziest place you have ever had sex? “In an airplane. Do people really want to know the answer to this question.” He continued by revealing, “Under the stands at Hollywood High School.”

Who’s the most famous person you ever slept with? “The most famous person I ever slept with….Lance Bass.”

Who’s the most famous person in your phonebook? “Madonna”

Anyone else surprised by any of Andy Cohen’s answers? What about his big reveal that he had sex with Lance Bass?

Do you think Bass is going to be upset that Andy spilled the news? Now that Bass is married, he may not be bothered by the reveal.

Bass was married to Michael Turchin, an artist and actor, in 2014. The couple made history when they were the first gay couple to ever get married on television. The wedding was shown in a special E! Network television show, The Lance Bass Wedding Special.

As for Andy Cohen’s dating status…he hasn’t revealed who he is dating but did tell Sonja Morgan the last time he had sex was on Sunday morning.

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