Dance Moms Recap 5/12/15- Season 5- Seeing Stars

By on May 12, 2015
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“Dance Moms” this season has been absolutely insane as Abby Lee Miller is trying to juggle nine hundred things while still making time to yell at everyone she comes in contact with. You can keep up with season five of “Dance Moms” right here.


The ALDC has now branched out and they have headed to California, Abby’s new headquarters. She has assured all of her dancers that the Pittsburgh location will not shut down ever so they can keep calm. They had their last competition in Pittsburgh last week and guess who was there? Jeanette and Cathy from the Candy Apples and they were out for blood. It was a chaotic weekend as they had JUMP and a competition on the same day. But Holly did manage to fit in a screening of Nia’s new music video, which was amazing. Because JUMP took up so much time, the only dancers who made it to the competition were JoJo and Nia meaning they may have had to bow out of the group routine. Solos had already been assigned so they were reassigned to JoJo and Nia because no one else was there.

Nia had just a short time to learn her solo while JoJo’s was an improv routine so she could just go and spin and do her thing with her giant bow in her hair. As it looked like the ALDC was not going to make it to the stage for their group routine, Jeanette and Cathy could not help but laugh. They felt that Abby was intimidated and looking for a reason to pull her dance. Eventually, all the girls came together, rushing around and they ended up winning the competition. As for solos, JoJo did not place but Nia did and the Candy Apples came in to celebrate. That is how they will leave Pittsburgh…as winners.

Tonight, Abby and the moms discuss the highs and lows of the season, and try to resolve any remaining bad feelings. At the same time, Holly and Abby go head-to-head (shocker) and Cathy and Jeanette stir things up. Maddie also talks about her new-found fame and upcoming events.

Keep reading for all the gossip.

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