Demi Moore and Rumer Willis are Really Twins

By on May 26, 2015
'rumer willis ass'

If there was ever a doubt that the winner of this season of Dancing With the Stars, Rumer Willis, is the daughter of Demi Moore, a photo they posted on Instagram proves they may actually be the same person.


In a photo of the actress and her daughter, where they are both wearing their hair long and straight, a black t-shirt and the same glasses,Moore and Willis look identical. They are even standing in the same position, with their hands in their pockets.

Rumer took to Instagram to post the photo with the caption:

“That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad” followed by Demi posting the same photo to her twitter account with the caption, “Bookends!! #twinning”

Rumer captured the world’s attention after appearing on Dancing With the Stars with Val Chmerikovskiy. The offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis won the Mirror Ball Trophy. During the season, Rumer’s parents, in addition to her sister’s, Scout and Tallulah, were at every performance, rooting her on and telling her how proud they were of their daughter. Rumer also spoke about feeling so much better about herself, following her dance experience. She was refreshingly honest when speaking to the camera, revealing how hard it has been on her living in the public eye and dealing with people commenting about her looks.

On the same day that Rumer posted the photo of her and her mom, her boyfriend took to Instagram where he posted the following photo.

'rumer willis ass'

Tyeblue1 said: “#Dance does a #body good. Real good. Happy #memorialday from @ruelarue to all of you #YoureWelcome”

Blue and Rue seem to be very happy. When Rumer appeared on the cover of US Magazine, Blue posted a photo of the magazine with the caption: When your #domesticpartner is gracing the cover of a major publication, you happily grab a few copies at the grocery store. @ruelarue #nailingit vote #TeamValenRue #dwts #dwts20 #usweekly #hollywood

Tye Blue is a from Houston Texas. He  has lived and worked all over the world in just about every entertainment medium, including theatre, live concert, grand opera, nightclub, cabaret, television, film, and commercial.

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