Grey’s Anatomy Recap 5/7/15- Season 11- Time Stops

By on May 7, 2015
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“Grey’s Anatomy” is living on borrowed time right now and from the reactions to last week’s episode, I am not thinking that it will last many more seasons. You can keep up with season eleven of “Grey’s Anatomy” right here.


We were supposed to be honoring Dr. Derek Shepherd who died after a car crash and fans expected a funeral and some sort of reunion and/or tribute. That was not what they got and if you read any of the tweets, you can see that Shonda Rhimes is under fire for a poor job in the two-hour episode. We started with Meredith entering the hospital and telling the rest of the staff that Derek has died. No one knows what to do other than to break down and she passes out. Callie has to operate right after hearing the news and this is almost unbearable. Meredith decides that she and her two kids need to get away and grieve privately; no one knows where they have gone and she does not answer the phone. At the same time, April decides that she wants to go help the military because she is miserable after not being able to carry her baby to term. Jackson is reluctant but she goes anyway and takes a very long time to return.

The episode went through a whole year of how everyone was coping with Derek’s death. Meredith found out that she was pregnant while the prototype Callie and Derek had been working on became a success with patient Dan. She is falling for him and the feeling is reciprocated. She and Arizona have split up and are now sharing their daughter on holidays. They are all celebrating holidays together and trying to cope but it is almost impossible. When Arizona is waiting in the lunch line and hears a doctor saying that they have to hire a new neurosurgeon ASAP, she flips her lid. It was great. Meredith goes in to labor and starts bleeding so Zola calls 911 and Alex shows up as he is her in case of emergency contact. She gives birth to a baby girl named Ellis and now it is time for her to come home. Amelia almost relapses but allows herself to grieve with Owen. Meredith is ready to scrub in again, she sees Derek’s coat and his cap and takes the cap and operates with it on, keeping him in spirit.

Tonight, a┬ádisaster unfolds and demands the doctors’ attention, forcing them to put their grieving aside for a time. Did we not just grieve for one year and two hours last week?

Keep reading to see how everyone manages life post-Derek.

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