Louis C.K. Angers Viewers Joking About Child Molestation on Saturday Night Live

By on May 17, 2015
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Louis C.K. angered viewers of Saturday Night Live when he opened the show and joked about child molestation. It was the 40th season finale of the long running series with Louis C.K. hosting and Rihanna performing as the musical guest.


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While there were jokes about race, skits about Hilary Clinton and the usual weekend update making fun of Tom Brady’s deflate-gate, it was the jokes about Louie being molested as a child and him laughing while telling the jokes that had viewers in a rage.

Louie brought up the fact that he grew up in the 70’s where everyone knew who the town child molester was and it wasn’t a big deal. Everyone knew to stay away from the child molester house. He spoke about the molester, saying he liked teenage boys and would ask them to go to McDonalds. He talked about how tenacious child molesters are and how there is nothing worse than being caught as a child molester.

We have all the skits from Louis C.K. and Rihanna on Saturday Night Live here.

The joke went too far and received gasps from the audience when he Louie said that despite how bad it is to be caught as a child molester “it must be really good (for them).” But from their point of view, it must be amazing for them to risk so much.” The audience was in shock when Louis said, “how do you think I feel, this is probably my last show.”

He compared being a molester to eating a mounds bar, saying he can’t key into it because he loves mounds bars and he can’t eat it and do anything at the same, because they are delicious. He continued by saying,

“If someone said to me if you eat another mounds bar, you will go to jail and everyone will hate you. I would stop eating them. Because they do taste delicious, but they don’t taste as good as a young boy does and shouldn’t (to a child molester, not to me), not to us because we’re all awesome.”

Needless to say, a number of viewers took to Twitter to slam Louis C.K.’s Saturday Night Live monologue. One person called it the “unfunniest, most offensive SNL monologue” ever, while someone else tweeted that her “heart aches for humanity” because of the monologue.

We have the video on the next page. Let us know your thoughts. While we would normally ask if you think Louis C.K. overstepped the boundaries and went to far, but we are going to go with a simple YES. Yes he did. Some topics should be left alone and talking and joking about child molestation and comparing it to eating a mounds bar is definitely not funny. Louis C.K. must have had concerns as well, he did tell the audience, “this is my last show.”

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