Mariah Carey Calls American Idol Fake and Boring – No Plans on Returning for Final Season

By on May 28, 2015
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Mariah Carey didn’t hold back during a radio interview that took place in Australia, when she called her former employer, the reality series, American Idol “boring and fake.”

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During Thursday’s radio show of, “Kyle and Jackie O” in Australia, Carey spoke about American Idol and was less than kind. The former judge said, “hell no” when asked if she would be returning to the show for the final season that will take place in 2016.

Calling it “the worst experience of my life,” Carey spoke about her feud with her arch-nemisis Nicki Minaj and made it sound as though the whole feud between the two judges was fake. Very fake. She said,

“I’m not going to get into what it was. Let’s just say, I don’t think they had any interest in us having a good experience through that show. Pitting two females against each other wasn’t cool. It should have been about the con

A non-existent feud? Does that mean that Nicki Minaj threatening Mariah Carey’s life is all a ruse? Say it isn’t so American Idol.

Carey appeared with Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban in 2013. The only excitement that season was the judges feud.

Carey will definitely not be welcome back to the Series Finale after calling the show “boring and fake.” The singer said the judges supposed that even when the performances are good, the judges were expected to provide criticism and were told to “make up things to say about” the contestants. She said it wasn’t good enough to say, ‘It was good,’ because she felt compelled to embellish for television. Earth to Mariah….that is how television works. Just saying someone is good, doesn’t make for good tv. Also, if they are so good and don’t need any guidance then they wouldn’t be on American Idol, correct?

Mariah Carey should be careful what she says. Her voice has been less than stable lately, she is getting a divorce from her husband, Nick Cannon and now she is slamming American Idol. Having someone in your corner is a good thing, slamming everyone is not. Frequently Carey has been referred to as a diva. Based on the radio interview, there may be some truth to that rumor?

Check out Mariah Carey slamming “American Idol” around the eight-minute mark in the audio below, and tell us what you think.

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