Married At First Sight Recap 5/26/15- LifeStyle – Season 2

By on May 26, 2015
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Married at First Sight continues and with only three episodes left it the couples have very little time to decide if they are going to stay married or go their separate ways.


Last week we saw the couples try to move closer together and become intimate. While Jessica and Ryan have no problems with intimacy, they did have communication issues. He is finally trying to understand her and it seems to be working. Jessica tends to go out of her way more than Ryan and the hope is that Ryan will be able to reciprocate her kindness and they can continue to be together in a sexual way.

Last week’s episode revolved around a fishbowl game which is actually a lot of fun and a great intimate challenge. Jaclyn and Ryan partake in the challenge and you can see them connect. They too have been intimate so this may just add to their romance and maybe this will make Ryan see that you can make home anywhere that you would like to. They are finding the light in their marriage again. Ryan and Jaclyn moved forward in their relationship – when Jaclyn allowed Ryan to order for himself and Ryan also let her know that she is very touchy and he doesn’t like to have his cheeks pinched. This is progress.

As for Davina and Sean they are still struggling. Will they be able to get past their issues and move forward and stay married? They couldn’t take the fishbowl challenge seriously – leading them both to wonder if they are better off as friends. Davina and Sean are the only couple who are stuck in a bit of a rut. Will they make it out of the rut?

Tonight’s episode focuses on the couples LifeStyle. Dr. Pepper visits Davina and Sean at their apartment in New York. Davina admits the process is not easy and Sean felt overwhelmed in the beginning. They are having a rough time.

Come back and see what happens with the couples on tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight.

Jessica and Ryan
Go shopping for a mattress. They don’t have anything that they have purchased together. Why not let it be a mattress?
The couple is back on the same team and seem much happier.

Davina and Sean
The couple have still not had sex. Devina wants to wait until she is in love before consummating the marriage. The couple enjoy doing puzzles together. Over the past few weeks, they haven’t gotten along great but seem to be enjoying themselves now.

Jaclyn and Ryan
They haven’t been intimate in a few weeks because Ryan wants to reconnect on a deeper level. Jaclyn cooked for Ryan – barbecue chips and hot pockets. It is the first dinner that Jaclyn has made for Ryan.

Keep reading to see what happens during the Sociology Session.

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