The Royals Recap: Season Finale: Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run

By on May 17, 2015


Helena prepares to a write a latter to people about something she’ll regret. Meanwhile, Eleanor calls Liam to tell him to call her, since she hasn’t heard from him and she’s worried. Liam wakes up in the bunker from before, and Ophelia turns the corner, saying she found him and brought him home. Liam says the walk made him feel free for the first time in ages. He suggests they go somewhere else in the world. She jokes and says Rio, and he says they can make it happen. He says they’ll make their own world instead of dealing with his. She caves. Elsewhere in the castle, Cyrus meets with the man who announced the twins weren’t Simon’s blood, and it’s revealed they didn’t so much as test the blood. Cyrus plans to fly him out of the country, and after some blackmail, succeeds. In another hall, Liam visits Simon, who has been brought home. Lucius attempts to kick him out, and Liam fights him on it and succeeds. ¬†At the local prison, Eleanor has bailed Jasper out. She admits she can’t trust anyone, but he’s the one who she distrusts least at the moment, and she needs his help to find Liam.

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