The Voice 2015 Recap 5/5/15- Season 8- Who Are the Top 5?

By on May 5, 2015
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“The Voice” is hard this season because the talent left in the six remaining singers is crazy good. And after last night’s show where they celebrated mothers, there really was not a dry eye in the house. You can keep up with season eight of “The Voice” here.


Team Adam Levine and Team Blake Shelton both only have one singer each while Team Pharrell Williams and Team Christina Aguilera have two singers each. This could all change tonight. One of the coaches could be out of the game or another one could go down to a solo performer. We never can tell with this show, especially when it comes to the Twitter Insta-save. There were no celebrity performances last night but rather the moms that could come sat in on the rehearsals with their children and the coaches. It was great to see their roots and understand why they chose the songs that they did for one of the last live shows where everything matters. Here is who we have left competing:

  1. JOSHUA DAVIS (Adam)
  3. MEGHAN LINSEY (Blake)
  5. KORYN HAWTHORNE (Pharrell)
  6. INDIA CARNEY (Xtina)

Last week, India was in the bottom but was saved by America. This week, I’m thinking that Sawyer and Meghan may be in the bottom as I would hate to see Joshua leave. This is going to be one tough night but they are lightening the mood some. We will get a performance by last season’s winner Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake as well as performers from season’s past. Meanwhile, everyone will be on the edge of their seats trying to figure out who is going home and who will make it to the finale in two weeks to be named “The Voice.” Thoughts anyone about what will happen? Have you voted and who do you want to see stay and who are you ready to see leave?

Keep reading to see who is sent home.

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