Younger Recap 5/12/15 Season 1 Episode 8 – Sk8

By on May 12, 2015
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Last week on Younger, we saw a very desperate Liza go to, shall we just say extreme measures to get her daughters remaining tuition money that her ex-husband bailed on her with. Liza took advice from Kelsey’s friend Lauren and decided to go into the business of selling her used underwear on Craigslist to pervy men looking to spend money on it.

We got to see Josh in a band with some other guys which is a new side to Josh that we haven’t seen yet that only add to his dream factor, right? Tattoo’d bad boy in a boy band, tattoo’s and washboard abs while playing the washboard in the band? It’s safe to say Josh is the perfect bad boy that anyone and everyone wants in their life at 26.

While Liza is trying to function with her daily life, she is also living a double life of selling her underwear and when the two intertwine, it only causes trouble. Liza gets “sniffed and stiffed” as she describes it, when she meets a man named Gary online who says he wants to buy her underwear but simply sniffs them and runs off without giving Liza the money.

During a scene at the office, Kelsey and Anton get a bit touchy-feely when he puts his hand under her skirt and Diana almost catches them. When the panty selling goes downhill, Liza takes a gig as a cocktail waitress. At the event, Liza runs into Charles, where we get our first glimpse of a possible attraction to Liza. Liza ends up spilling the tray of drinks on the event holder’s outfit and is sent going without pay. Liza’s following day at work is awkward when she runs into Charles and Josh sends her a text saying we need to talk. Diana ends up giving Liza a check for the money she needs for her daughter and she tells Josh of the brief panty selling situation. Alls well that ends well.

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