American Ninja Warrior Recap 6/8/15 – Qualifying Rounds Night 3

By on June 8, 2015
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Tonight American Ninja Warrior is heading to Houston, TX where phenom Kacy Catanzaro – the first female to ever make it up the Warped Wall – will be making her second attempt. She’ll be joined tonight by a woman hoping to become the first mom to make it up the Warped Wall, as well as the first amputee to take on the course!

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Tonight’s course, as always, has three new obstacles. First up is the Quintuple Steps, followed by the Tilter Slider (a new obstacle), the Spinning Log, the second new obstacle – Cargo Crossing, the third new obstacle, the Swinging Spikes, and then the storied Warped Wall.

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Contestant: Ian
Results: Ian – who makes money as an arm wrestler – makes quick work of the Quintuple Steps and after a bit of a struggle makes it through the second obstacle, the Tilter Slider. The Spinning Log is up next and although he slipped at the end he still managed to complete the obstacle and head on to the Cargo Crossing. Unfortunately, though, he can’t quite get enough swing to make it off the obstacle and onto the platform.

Contestant: CJ
Results: Unfortunately for CJ, a zookeeper from Tulsa, he doesn’t make it past the Tilting Slider and hits the water.

Contestant: Jeramiah
Results: Jeramiah makes it look easy as he flies through the first few obstacles, barely even making the Spinning Log move as he flies across it and onto the Cargo Crossing. He had a bit of a tussle with the mats on the Cargo Crossing, but ultimately made it across and became the first competitor to reach the fifth obstacle – unfortunately at the very end he hit the water and he’s out!

Contestant: Karsten
Results: He made easy work of the course but got hung up a bit on the Cargo Crossing. After successfully completing it, he made his way to the next obstacle, the Swinging Spikes. He had trouble with this obstacle from the beginning, but made it about 80% of the way through before sliding down into the water.

Contestant: Rose
Results: Rose is the number one ranked obstacle course racer in the world (that’s a thing?! Wait, they clarified – they mean Spartan Races), so the American Ninja Warrior course shouldn’t be too difficult for her. She made the entire course look easy, but during the transition on the Cargo Crossing she slipped backwards and hit the water.

Contestant: Daneila
Results: Daniela is a cancer survivor, and just a few short months ago was undergoing chemo treatments. She had a huge fight against cancer, and was determined to show the American Ninja Warrior course who was boss. Unfortunately, she slipped on the Quintuple Steps and hit the water.

Contestant: Dustin
Results: Dustin made it through the Quintuple Steps fine, but was holding on for dear life on the Tilting Slider. By the time he got to the Cargo Crossing he looked a big peaked, and unfortunately on the transition he hit the water.

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