How Much Does It Cost Prince William and Kate Middleton to Live?

By on June 24, 2015
'the royal family'

Being a Prince and Princess isn’t an easy job and it is one of the priciest positions out there. Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, are one of the most watched couples in the world. Being the most watched couple comes at a heavy price.

'the royal family'

People Magazine is reporting on the cost of running the official life of Prince William and Princess Kate. With all the traveling and official engagements the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do, one would think it would be expensive. From the staff to the actual travel and let’s not forget Kate’s gorgeous wardrobe. It all comes at a price. A very steep price. Thankfully, Prince William’s father, Prince Charles pays most of the bills for the couple.

How much does it cost? How about $4.6 million?

Prince Charles pays for his official life by drawing an income from the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy of Cornwall is a massive estate given to the heir to the throne to fund his official and private life. So while it is expensive to be a part of the royal life, the income is up there, as well, with the Clarence House reporting the income in the year to March 31 was $31.1 million.

There was no breakdown as to how much of the $4.6 million is for Kate’s wardrobe. Kate is known for her beautiful wardrobe, with the clothing she wears being sold out within minutes of photos being released. We also rarely/if ever see Kate wearing the same clothes more than once. With the number of social engagements the couple attends, that would add up to a lot of money. With two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte that number is sure to increase as the children get older.

The $4.6 million includes travel expenses such as flights and staff, as well as fuel for the private chartered jets.

What do you think – could you live on $4.6 million a year?

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