P Diddy Arrested for Assaulting Son’s Football Coach at UCLA

By on June 23, 2015


P Diddy was arrested for assault after confronting his son’s football coach at UCLA. Diddy, who sometimes goes by his real name, Sean Combs, was reportedly irate over a coach’s treatment of his son Justin during an offseason workout.

His son, Justin, once a stand-out at Iona Prep received a much criticized scholarship to play at UCLA. Diddy watched the workout from the sidelines and was upset that the coach was yelling at his son. Some reports say his son was removed from the workout. The coach, Sal Alosi, was a former strength coach for the New York Jets. He was suspended for tripping a Miami Dolphins player during a game and later resigned.

The Bruin Report claimed that Diddy went to Alois’s office after practice to confront Alosi. When Alosi asked him to wait until he was off the phone, Diddy reportedly blew up. The report claims there were witnesses who saw Diddy cursing at Alosi who instructed interns to alert campus security. According to the report, “A still incensed Diddy then came around Alosi’s desk, saying that he would get campus security on Alosi’s desk phone. Alosi, then, according to witnesses, put up his hand in a non-threatening way, and instructed Combs to get his father out of the office. Diddy then walked into Alosi’s hand, and told Alosi not to put his hands on him.”

The situation escalated despite those in the room pulling Diddy off of Alosi. At one point, according to witnesses, Diddy “broke free again at one point and struck Alosi.” UCLA confirmed that Diddy used a kettle ball during the incident and that he was swinging it at Alosi.

Diddy was taken into custody and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making a terrorist threat and one count of battery by the UCPD. He was released from the campus jail after posting $50,000 bail. TMZ sources are claiming Diddy acted in self-defense though Diddy was arrested after police reviewed security footage of the incident.

Coach Jim Mora issued a statement saying that he was proud of the way that his staff handled the incident.

Diddy is no stranger to physical confrontations. He was recently in a fight with Drake after allegedly sucker punching Drake him over a song. The two later settled their beef. There is no word on the future of Justin Combs at UCLA or as a cornerback for the Bruins.

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