Diddy Assault Charges Getting Dropped?

By on June 24, 2015

Diddy and Justin

P. Diddy may be adding Teflon Daddy to the list of names he answers to if there is any truth to the reports that UCLA is looking to drop the assault charges against the rap mogul. The rapper turned entrepreneur may see all of the charges he faces go away after coaches at UCLA have decided they don’t want to press charges.

Diddy was arrested after confronting son Justin’s coach following an offseason workout. The coach, Sal Alosi, formerly a strength coach from the New York Jets, was unhappy with Justin’s performance and reportedly screamed at him and then telling him to leave practice and not return until the end of the summer. He reportedly made references to Justin’s famous father telling him that he didn’t care who his father was giving Diddy the impression that the exchange was personal.

The angry father went to the coach’s office to confront the coach over what he saw and, according to witnesses, became irate when Alosi told him to wait while he finished a call. There are conflicting reports over what happened next with some claiming Alosi instructed his interns to alert security and Diddy’s side claiming he went to pick up a phone on the desk to call himself.

Diddy’s camp claims he was acting in self-defense against what he believed to be aggressive moves made by Alosi when he picked up and swung a kettle ball Alosi’s way, though campus police viewed security footage before making the arrest. The charges were ¬†upgraded to making a terrorist threat after Diddy reportedly told Alosi, “I will f–k you up!”

Now it looks like the Bruins coaches had a meeting and decided that pursuing charges is not in the best interests of their program. Some reports say there is talk about banning Diddy from the athletic complex. If true that would be big punishment for the proud father who is often seen on the sidelines during practices and games.

In a show of support, Justin posted a picture on Instagram of him and his dad expressing gratitude for having a father that is always there for him adding, “Love you pops!”


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