Family Prefers Caitlyn Jenner Over Bruce Jenner!

By on June 2, 2015


The Kardashian/Jenner clan was nervous to meet Bruce Jenner’s female self, Caitlyn Jenner. They felt like they were losing a piece of their lives, almost like a death. For Khloe it was especially hard because she has lost every male in her life that has meant something to her so this seemed like another betrayal. But as it turns out, the family of ten actually like Caitlyn better than Bruce! Just as a quick update: prior to the “Vanity Fair” cover story where we officially met Caitlyn, Bruce preferred to be called “he.” He has now decided that it is appropriate timing to refer to his new self as “she/her.” This makes this a lot easier because no one wanted to offend Bruce and/or Caitlyn so we have been trying to be super thoughtful when it came to pronoun usage.

She looked gorgeous on the cover, coming out next week and revealed as much as she could, aside from what we learned during the Diane Sawyer one-on-one interview. To make the transition easier on mother Esther, Caitlyn, 65 hired a private plane to pick up mom so that she could meet her new daughter. One of the VF interviewers pointed out that we have always percieved Caitlyn as very very frugal. “I know; but for my mom I’ll send a plane…What I told her [Esther]: ‘Isn’t Caitlyn a much better friend?’ Bruce, he would never send a plane. No, no, no, what a jerk the guy was, OK, Caitlyn is like, ‘Send the plane. Mom, we’re sending a plane, we’re going to go pick you up and bring you down here.’ […] It seems like she has a lot more friends than he ever had. My mom is, for 89 years old, is extraordinarily open-minded. Once they meet you and they spend five minutes with you, they go, ‘Oh, OK. I get it. Big deal. Let’s go on with life. And I think my mom will kind of be the same way, especially if Caitlyn keeps sending planes to pick her up and bring her down.”

Esther got to celebrate when Bruce was a super Olympian on the covers of everything and now she gets to have the best treatment from her classy daughter. And mama Esther is already loving the new lifestyle and is probably wishing that this transition had happened earlier. “You know what? I think I can have a better relationship with Caitlyn than I can with Bruce,” Esther told Caitlyn. Even son Burt had to agree. I have always thought that Bruce Jenner was a great person so I am excited to see Caitlyn in action!

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