Married at First Sight Season 2 – Rumors and More Spoilers – Ryan and Jess – Ryan and Jaclyn

By on June 16, 2015
'married at first sight season 2'

Married at First Sight is a reality television series where a man and woman meet each other for the first time at the alter, say ‘I do’ and decide after six weeks together if they are going to stay married and ‘live happily ever after,’ or if they are going to divorce, go their separate ways and possibly even get a restraining order.

'married at first sight season 2'

The first season of Married at First Sight was a hit, with two out of the three relationships ending with the couples staying married. To date, the two couples Jamie and Doug and Courtney and Jason remain married. The second season of Married at First Sight is turning out to be a nightmare. One huge nightmare, with accusations of how the men were actually vetted for season 2 less than what the show’s experts proclaim they do to find the perfect match. There are allegations of drugs, death threats and cheating, as well.

In the introduction of the reality series we heard from the experts, four doctors including a sexologist, a spiritualist, a psychologist and a sociologist who created what they believed were three perfect couples. How do they decide who are the perfect couples? It is all based on scientific matchmaking. They look at their backgrounds, families, what they are looking for in a relationship and much more to make their match. Or at least that is what they did for the first season. There were accusations on a message board that while the women went through a rigorous process, the men did not and instead they were found on, on Facebook and one was a friend of a contestant from season 1. Apparently, Ryan R. was the man from, Ryan D. was a model, who was found on Facebook and Sean was a friend of Doug Hener’s brother.

The show’s experts, sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff, spiritual adviser Greg Epstein and psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona have taken to social media to defend the process they used to cast the people featured on Season 2.

Levkoff wrote,

“Our process is legitimate and rigorous with psych evaluations, background checks, questionnaires, interviews, and a multitude of assessments of different varieties. I feel terribly that any of you have been led to think otherwise. As for marital success, while we want all of our couples to work out, there is no guarantee. No one has ever said that this was easy. If relationships and marriages were easy, we would have no participants. What is sad, to me, is that unfounded and inaccurate stories about our experiment undermine the emotional and physical work of so many people involved, our participants included. That being said, I understand that some of our participants may be unhappy with how things transpired for them. But all of us involved entered into MAFS with the best of intentions and with a hope and a belief that we were a part of something special. I still believe that.”

Keep reading to find out more spoilers and rumors regarding Ryan and Jessica and Ryan and Jaclyn.


Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro:

The couple had a volatile relationship from their honeymoon until now. Ryan De Nino has reportedly threatened Jessica Castro and her family’s life. Castro has a restraining order against De Nino. De Nino was said to have threatened Jessica during the reunion show, getting caught with his mic on saying, “She’s f—ing dead. When I get back to Brooklyn she’s f—ing dead, this girl.”

A&E reportedly got Castro a body guard but she later got an order of protection. Castro fired an order of protection, where she said she was threatened by her husband with the words,
“I will break you into f—ing pieces. I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear — and your f—ing dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

De Nino claimed to be an entrepreneur on the reality series. There is no evidence he is an entrepreneur but what has surfaced is that De Ninon is a cell phone salesman.

De Nino has been accused of cheating on Jessica, there are also allegations of De Nino being a drug dealer and addicted to cocaine, as well. There is no proof of the allegations.

Ryan and Jaclyn:

While Ryan and Jaclyn’s story is a lot less dramatic and without a court order, they have also reportedly broken up.

Rumors: Ryan cheated on Jaclyn with an ex-girlfriend. Ryan had taken to Facebook to deny the allegations, but the post has since been taken down.

There are claims that Ryan never actually slept in the same apartment as Jaclyn, with the evidence being his luggage was never unpacked. There are also allegations that while Ryan lived in his mother’s basement, he was living rent free and his mother was all too happy to have him move out. None of these claims have been substantiated but we are looking into them and will keep you posted.

What are your thoughts on the rumors and allegations that are out there?

We will be watching the reunion special tonight, so be sure to bookmark us and come back and see what happens on the reunion.

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