Michael Buble’s Son Hospitalized with Serious Burns

By on June 26, 2015


It is every parent’s worst nightmare and Michael Buble is living it. Buble’s son Noah, almost 2, was hospitalized for serious burns in Argentina. Apparently, he had a run in with some scalding hot water which cause the tot to be brought to the hospital. Buble is married to Luisana Lopilato, an Argentinian actress, which would explain them being in Argentina at the time of the incident. Michael, 39 is actually busy in the United States right now so it was Lopilato, 28, who was forced to rush Noah to the German Hospital in Buenos Aires. The duo have been married for four years now and Michael has nothing but beautiful things to say about his son, who is said to be doing fine after doctors treated him.

I’m slightly surprised that Buble did not rush back upon hearing the news as he seems like such a family man but I believe he had a good reason. Prior to the incident, Luisana had posted a photo of Buble and Noah sleeping together in the same position with the caption: “You…,You are the best dad ever @michaelbuble !!! We love you!! #happyfathersday.” I am sure that they did not expect this as part of their Father’s Day celebration but kids do get hurt. I know that I have burned my hands on hot water numerous times. Buble gushed about Noah to People Magazine a week ago, saying: “Everything is cute. He’s the best. What I like is, I ask him to do this face. I say, ‘Cara dulce,’ which means, ‘Do your sweet face.’ And he does this cute little face. The kid kills me.”

Yesterday afternoon, Luisana took to Twitter to give an update on Noah: “Gracias a todos por acompañarme aun en estos momentos! Mi hijo esta muy bien. Si Dios quiere pronto volveremos a casa.” Translated to English, that means “Thanks to everyone for supporting me in these moments. My son is doing very well. God willing, we will go home soon.” We hope that the adorable toddler makes a full recovery and gets back to having an immense amount of fun!

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