“Sister Wives” Stars Kody and Robyn Brown Expecting 18th Child!

By on June 19, 2015


Whoa Kody Brown…you can barely handle four wives but now an eighteenth child? Yes, it has been confirmed by the couple’s rep that the star of TLC’s hit “Sister Wives” and fourth wife turned first wife Robyn, are expecting a baby together. This will be his eighteenth, her fifth and their second together. In a statement to US Weekly today, the couple had this to say: “We are so happy to announce an eagerly expected new member to the Brown family!” It was only a matter of time before this were to happen as Kody has expressed that he still wants to plant his seed and at this point, Robyn is the only one really willing to go through with it. Let’s rewind a little bit.



Kody is a polygamist, who now lives in Las Vegas. He had three wives: Meri Brown, who was his first and legal wife followed by Janelle and then Christine. In the series first season, we learned that Kody was courting a fourth wife, divorcee Robyn. We ended the season with them getting married. Shortly after, Robyn learned that she was expecting her first child with Kody and then went on to give birth to baby boy Solomon in 2011. Recently, drama was surrounding the open family as first wife Meri had filed for divorce from Kody and then, within weeks, Robyn and Kody had filed for a marriage license.¬†As we learned at the end of last season, this was apparently a preventative measure so that Robyn’s three children from her first marriage could be protected from her ex-husband.

On top of that, Meri was only able to have one child, a daughter Mariah, whom has settled in to college in Utah. This made Meri want to continue her collegiate studies which she had given up when the family was being investigated for polygamy. Robyn had offered to be a surrogate to Meri because she knew how badly she wanted a second child but in the end, Meri politely declined. Now it looks like they will have a new baby to celebrate with. No word on how far along Robyn is but the show is said to return in the next few months. After all the struggles with paying for college tuition and four elaborate homes, do you think that this is a wise decision?

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