Women Accused of Not Getting the Movie Goodfellas – Twitter Goes Nuts

By on June 11, 2015

With everyone discussing Women Equality, one would think newspapers would stop printing insulting articles accusing women of being less than men. Women still earn less than men, both in the corporate world and in Hollywood and are still viewed by some, as less than members of the opposite sex. But of course, the people with the opinions are men. With the latest article in the NY Post accusing women of not getting the movie, Goodfellas, Twitter is going nuts.


Goodfellas is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A movie based on the mob, where Henry Hill and his friends work their way up in the mob organization. Henry Hill is played by actor Ray Liotta, with his friends, Jimmy the Gent played by Robert De Niro and Tommy played by Joe Pesci. The men are lazy, yet powerful, funny, tough, unsentimental and devoted above all to each other and the mob.

The author of the article, Kyle Smith, claims that women just don’t get the movie. While men see the movie as a lot of banter, rudeness, murder and men ruling the roost, he claims that women see the movie as a man who turns to a life of crime, a need to find family structure, something Hill was never fortunate to find at home. His brother is handicapped, making his childhood that much harder.

Twitter was less than happy with Smith’s take on the movie and him saying women just don’t get it. Women get it – while we are viewed as the more emotional of the sexes, deeper and able to discuss the why’s of life, rather than brushing them under the carpet, that does not make women stupid and unable to understand things from another point of view. We are able to see things on different levels – not just what is on the surface. And while the analogy that Henry Hill finds a family with the mob, something he lacked at home, is a great analogy and may very well even be true, that doesn’t mean we don’t get it. What we don’t get is the shallowness of Kyle Smith and his point of view on how he sees women. He clearly doesn’t consider them as intelligent beings. Maybe the fact that women aren’t shallow and tend to look below the surface is just too much for Smith to understand or value.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Kyle Smith’s article in the NY Post. Do you think he has a point or do you think he is just a male chauvinist who can’t relate to members of the opposite sex? Or maybe he was paid to drum up interest in the movie so the 25th anniversary DVD makes some sales?

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