Younger Recap 6/2/15 Season 1 Episode 11 – Hot Mitzvah

By on June 2, 2015
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Last week on Younger Liza and Maggie were treated to a huge bed bug scare when they found out their neighbor had them and the two of them share a wall. They had instantly tossed out their beds and removed themselves from the home. Maggie went to stay with her cousin while Liza made her way for Josh’s apartment. Liza is introduced to a new side of her publication job, the fan mail. She received tons of boxes filled with people’s scarves, and letters urging the publication company to publish The Scarf. Charles and Diana agree to give the book a shot and ultimately give Liza the green light to push for publication. Kelsey and Thad take Liza and Josh out on a double date to where Thad has already purchased a ton of shots for them to drink, it was great to finally see Thad out of his douchebag demeanor.

When Liza and Josh arrived back at his apartment, he was met with two unexpected friends who had stopped by into town and were looking to crash at his place for a couple of days, Josh of course can’t turn his friends away so he lets them stay there. During this conversation, one of his friends asks him if Liza is his girlfriend but he stutters and dismisses the question by saying they are just hanging out. When Josh wakes in the morning, Liza has left a roll of toilet paper telling Josh that it was fun “hanging out” and she is not there anymore.

Liza decides that she cannot stay with Josh so Kelsey ends up taking her in and offering her a place to stay with her and Lauren, she doesn’t mention that they both stay with Lauren’s parents as well. Her stay with Lauren, Kelsey and Lauren’s parents turns into a ladies night filled with talking and wine as Lauren’s mother tells Liza to play hard to get and make Josh chase her, something she does not do. At the end of the episode, we see Josh and he has branded himself with Liza’s fake Chinese birth year symbol, the dragon.

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