American Ninja Warrior Recap 7/27/15 – Houston Finals

By on July 27, 2015
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American Ninja Warrior has had some amazing qualifying rounds this season – but they’re all done, which means we’re on to the city finals!

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Tonight we’ll be headed back to Houston to see the Houston city finals – where the top 30 competitors from the Venice qualifying round will compete for their chance to move on. They’ll be facing new obstacles The Walking Bar, The Crazy Cliffhanger, and the Invisible Ladder.

If you missed last week’s episode, check out the recap here!

Contestant: Vance
Results: Vance is the oldest athlete ever to compete in the city finals – but will he make it Vegas? He’s off to a good start and nearly wipes out on the third obstacle, the Spinning Log. He trips at the end but makes it on to the platform and heads on to the Cargo Crossing. He used only his arms to make it across the Cargo Crossing (most people apparently use their legs as well, and go across it hanging upside down), and was then headed on to the Swinging Spikes – the obstacle he went out on during qualifying. And, unfortunately, it got the better of him tonight and he hit the water.

Contestant: Geoff
Results: Geoff flew through the first portion of the course and up the Warped Wall with no problems. He had a bit of difficulty when he got to the Salmon Ladder, but corrected himself and made his way to the Walking Bar. Not only is he the first contestant on this obstacle tonight, but he’s the first contestant on this obstacle ever – since this is it’s Ninja debut. Unfortunately it got the better of him and he hit the water.

Contestant: David
Results: David is the son of Yance, our first competitor – and he’s already made it further than his dad did this evening, making it to the back half of the course. Unfortunately he didn’t make it that much farther as the Walking Bar got the best of him.

Contestant: Travis
Results: Travis’s story of how to made it to the course is quite impressive. A few years ago he found himself in the hospital fighting for his life, but now he’s fitter than ever. Unfortunately he seemed to have a bit of trouble at a few points on the course, but he made it through the first half unscathed. Unfortunately he hit the water on the Salmon Ladder.

Contestant: Abel
Results: Abel, one of the fan favorites, met the same fate as the others and hit the water on the Walking Bars after a strong showing through the first half of the course.

Contestant: Evan
Results: Evan flew through the first portion of the course, but fell in the same spot he fell during qualifying – on the Swinging Spike.

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