Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 4 – Audrey Eliminated – Who is New HoH?

By on July 24, 2015
'audrey middleton transgender on big brother'

Big Brother’s first transgender contestant, Audrey Middleton was eliminated following a dramatic week in the house.

'audrey middleton transgender on big brother'

What should have been a quiet week for Audrey, she ended up having an argument with Clay, who is in a showmance with Shelli, who also happened to be the Head of Household. It wasn’t a smart move on Audrey’s part. Audrey has been a source of drama throughout her stay in the house. She began playing the game from her first day in the house, forming numerous alliances and stirring up trouble. She came on too strong and it was just too much too soon.

Following Audrey’s argument with Clay, she knew she would be eliminated and when it came time for the Power of Veto to be used she stayed in bed, rather than face the music.  She was put on the block along with John.

Following the PoV ceremony, Audrey spent the remainder of the week pouting in the Have-Nots room and knowing she would be eliminated – decided she would not follow any of the rules. As a result when it came time for voting to take place, Julie Chen revealed Audrey would get a penalty vote for eating regular food all week. While she also slept on the floor and took a hot shower, there was no penalty vote for that.

With the exception of Austin, everyone in the house voted for Audrey’s elimination.

Following Audrey leaving the house, the Head of Household competition took place. This week’s competition was Pop till you Drop.

This week’s HoH competition was the same competition style in the same week as last season. Way to shake things up Big Brother. The houseguests had to listen to songs and identify whether the competition was Head of Household, Battle of the Block or Power of Veto. The houseguests took turns battling it out before Week 5 Heads of Household were determined. Winning the HoH this week is Jackie Ibarra & Vanessa Rousso.

We will keep you posted as to who wins the Battle of the Block, the nominees and the PoV for week 5.

What do you think about Audrey Middleton being eliminated?


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