Big Brother Season 17 – 2015 Spoilers Week 3 – Who is HoH, Nominees, Veto Winner

By on July 11, 2015
'big brother nominees'
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With two houseguests eliminated on Big Brother, there are 14 houseguests left in the house. They are all trying to survive another week which really means they are cheating, lying and stabbing each other in the back.

'big brother nominees'

During the second week, we saw Da’Vonne eliminated from the house. She also found out the twin twist – Julia and Liz Nolan are twins and have been switching in the house. Julia and Liz have until week 5 to be evicted before they can both be allowed in the house. Most of the house is aware of the twist, with only a few houseguests in the dark.

This week’s HoH competition was set up early, giving the houseguests time to practice. The game for the HoH competition was a giant catapult where the houseguest roll a ball down the ramp and have to fling the ball into the air. Three garbage cans are set up so they can try to aim the ball into one of them. The houseguests each had a turn and had to fling a ball into a specific box for different points. The two Houseguests with the most points won the HoH for week three.

This game is a lot of luck, meaning it could be anyones week to win.

Week 3 Head of Household: Austin and Vanessa

They decided that Jeff is their main target and James is the back-up plan.

Week 3 Nominees:

Austin nominated Jason and Meg
Vanessa nominated James and John

In the ideal Big Brother house John is going to throw the Battle of the Block, letting Jason and Meg win. That will dethrone Austin, Vanessa will put Jeff up as the re-nom of whomever wins the Power of Veto and then Jeff or James goes home.

Battle of the Block

Last week, Johnny was asked to throw the competition to ensure that James stayed on the block and Vanessa remained HoH.

This week, the competition involved a maze and looking for different fabrics. It also involves a lot of bubbles. The competitors had to match the person to the fabric, while making it through a crazy maze. When they find the person and the matching fabric they have to bring them back to their VIP area. The first two people to bring 10 people back to the VIP area win. Meg and Jason had a great strategy and won, making them safe for the week.

That leaves James and John on the block and Vanessa is the HoH.

The plan seems to be be taking its course – and either James or John will go home this week.

There is still the PoV competition which means if James or John wins, they can take themselves off the block.

We will be updating here to add the Power of Veto competition and who wins this week.

Did you see the video of Jeff allegedly Masturbating? It’s that gross. Check it out.

Keep reading to see who won the PoV competition this week.

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