Caitlyn Jenner Will Stun At ESPY Awards; Hires Angelina Jolie’s Stylist

By on July 14, 2015
Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair

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There was much scrutiny about Caitlyn Jenner receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at tomorrow night’s ESPY Awards. Many thought that just because she was transgender did not qualify her for said award and that several other athletes were more deserving. There was just a rumor circulating on social media that Caitlyn would not be walking the red carpet or even making an appearance at the show after all the drama. Apparently, she realizes that this is a very important night and as a former Olympic gold medal winner, she deserves to be recognized as an athlete and someone who is not ashamed of who they really are.

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair


For sixty-five years, she lived her life as Bruce Jenner and fathered six biological children and was step-dad to four Kardashian children. In April, he revealed that he was transitioning into a woman and then, it happened and it was in lingerie on the cover of “Vanity Fair.” She looked gorgeous, revealing her new figure, shape and female name. Now, US Magazine has revealed that Caitlyn will, in fact, attend the ESPY Awards and has Angelina Jolie’s stylist, Jen Rade on hand to make her look her most beautiful. On top of Jolie, Jen Rade has worked with P!nk as well and we know how awesome she can look.

This is really a great choice because both Jolie and P!nk take risks with style and Caitlyn has been on point thus far. Will they continue a relationship after tomorrow night’s awards show? “Not sure if Jen is styling Caitlyn beyond the ESPYS or not, but they’re definitely working together on [this awards show]. Pretty sure they’re having a custom dress made for the actual ceremony. They’re looking for afterparty dresses, too,” a source told US. In terms of color, the source had this to add: “Caitlyn is currently planning to wear an ivory dress to the ceremony.” I am very excited to see how she is styled for the event and who accompanies her. What about you? Let us know!

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