Enrique Iglesias Charged With Two Misdemeanors; Arrested

By on July 1, 2015


Enrique Iglesias has to hang up his “Bailamos” shoes for a while as he was arrested for two misdemeanors. And what did the singer do wrong? He has been charged with obstruction and driving with a suspended license, according to E!. His license was suspended back in May after a traffic stop and when he was pulled over this time, he tried to be like Lindsay Lohan and switch seats. Iglesias allegedly jumped from the driver’s seat over to the passenger seat in an attempt to not get caught behind the wheel. That ended up being an epic fail because he was ultimately arrested for his little stunt.

The incident happened in Florida, the same place where his license was suspended. Maybe if he was not driving a white Cadillac SUV in a closed lane, he would not have been caught. If you want to break the rules, do not have a giant car. According to police, Iglesias was traveling with Abel Tabuyo, which is also stated in the affidavit that Iglesias: “jumped from inside the driver’s seat onto the rear passenger’s seat” and that Abel “jumped from the front passenger’s seat onto the driver’s seat.” It went on to reiterate that Iglesias “immediately climbed into the right front passenger’s seat.”

The police were not to be tricked as they handcuffed both men and then Enrique was charged with obstruction without violence. While Iglesias was being arrested, Tabuyo went on to play dumb and he “stated he does not know why he switch (sic) seats.” I do not buy that at all as I am pretty certain that he knew what he was doing or he would not get arrested. Enrique will have his day in court on July 10th while both men have claimed that they are not guilty. Clearly if Enrique Iglesias was driving without a license and the police saw him do the switch, then he is in fact, guilty. But we will just have to wait to see what happens when he goes to court, as they were both released after agreeing to appear. More details after the court date!

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