General Hospital recap for July 13 to July 17

By on July 17, 2015
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This week on General Hospital…..Lucky and Luke bring Jake home to Elizabeth; Dante asks Valerie to keep a secret; and Morgan can’t stay away from Denise, aka Ava.

'general hospital recaps'

Elizabeth opens her door to Lucky. She is thrilled to see him and throws her arms around him. Where has he been? Lucky quickly explains he was kidnapped and visits a bit with Aidan before Aidan scampers off to bed. (Where is Cameron?) When Elizabeth tells Lucky that Josslyn is now cancer-free and how Jake’s donated kidney saved her life, Lucky shakes his head. He insists that Jake didn’t donate his kidney because he didn’t die! Elizabeth orders Lucky to stop talking nonsense, but Lucky opens the door and Luke walks in with … Jake! Elizabeth can’t believe it. She thanks Luke, who says it’s appropriate that he helped bring Jake back since he is part of the reason Jake was vulnerable to Helena’s machinations. Lucky thanks his dad, but admits he also feels he’s losing a battle with his inner demons. Luke counsels Lucky to keep fighting and to call him should he feel the need. Later Lucky spends some time with his family before going to check on Laura and Nikolas. Lucky turns to Elizabeth, tears in his eyes, as he reiterates what Elizabeth is thinking: Jake is finally home! Everything seems all right with the world.

Dante returns home to Lulu, who says she knows all about his kiss with Valerie, thanks to Carly. Dante doesn’t confess to sleeping with Valerie, only how sorry he is. Can Lulu forgive him? Lulu says she can, as long as it was just one kiss. Dante then calls Valerie to tell her that their one night together has to be a secret. Valerie agrees. Lulu is livid that Dante called Valerie. She wants him to quit his job. Or better yet, Valerie quit and leave town. Dante argues that Valerie is her cousin, therefore part of her life. It’s not like he can exorcise Dillon. Lulu argues that Dillon may be her step-brother if Luke and Tracy reunite. She says she wants to forgive Dante and move past this, but they won’t be able to in one night.

Later Jordan tells Valerie to put her big girl pants on and deal with her drama outside of work. Valerie understands and goes home to think long and hard about Dante.

Jake stops by the Quartermaine mansion looking for Michael. He ends up having coffee with Monica and hearing all about Jason. It’s actually a lovely visit and makes Monica feel a little less lonely. Jake may not remember he is really Jason, but he remembers his manners wonderfully.

At General Hospital Sam picks Patrick up from work. Patrick tells her that Hayden’s vitals are spiking, but they are up and down. She could wake up if they stay consistent. Sam tells Patrick what she learned about Hayden and Nikolas.

Laura goes to Wyndmere to tell Nikolas that Lucky is safe—and Jake is home! She asks if he knew Jake was on Cassadine Island. Nikolas acts like he didn’t know, but doesn’t necessarily say so. Lucky arrives and Laura leaves to let the brothers catch up. Nikolas swears he didn’t know about little Jake and Lucky confides that he feels too broken to be a good father to his children. Nikolas reveals that Jake is actually Jason; he hopes that will comfort Lucky knowing that he can leave Elizabeth in good hands, but Lucky can’t believe that both Nikolas and Elizabeth are keeping Jason from Sam and the rest of his family. Nikolas argues that if Lucky wants to be with Elizabeth and their sons, he needs to decide.

Jake returns to Elizabeth’s house to find her playing with little Jake. Jake scowls as Elizabeth explains everything. Jake ends up playing with little Jake as Elizabeth realizes this is her wish come true: to have Jason play with his son. Later as they are heading up to bed, Lucky arrives just in time to see the happy family scene.

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