Justin Bieber Posts Photo of Naked Bottom – Memes Follow With Miley Cyrus

By on July 7, 2015
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Justin Bieber thought he would have some fun with his Instagram fans and posted a photo of his naked backside for all to see. Unfortunately for Bieber while he is getting a lot of publicity for the naked backside photo – he is also getting a lot of fun memes – at his expense.

'justin bieber robe photo'

Bieber posted the photo on his Instagram account, while vacationing in Bora Bora. The caption for the photo was a simple, ‘Look!’ as he pointed at something. Something tells us there isn’t anyone who is looking at what he is pointing at – but rather they are looking at the singer. What followed after Bieber posted the photo was a lot of memes – with Miley Cyrus, Sponge Bob, a Kim Kardashian bottom and even Google.

Not only was Miley Cyrus placed in the photo taking a bite of Bieber’s butt, but the singer was quick to get involved with the meme fun and even shared her own photo. The photo is a cross between Bieber and Kim Kardashian’s backside. Miley shared the image of Bieber with the caption ‘Bieber got back.’ And boy did he.

The day before Bieber posted the fun photo, his friend had a close call with a shark. Bieber posted a photo of his friend, who had suffered from a shark bite across his chest, with a remark that said, “Exactly why i hate sharks they told us reef sharks don’t bite @joetermini.”

Other memes spotted around the web include Justin’s bum replacing the two ‘o’s’ in the Google logo and another one with the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants kissing Bieber’s butt.

It seems as though Bieber is having a fun, relaxing time in Bora Bora. He has also posted a photo in a robe and a photo with a bunch of married couples holding him.

What do you think of Justin Bieber posting the naked photos? We have all the memes on the next page. Check it out and leave us a comment letting us know what you think.

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