Kim Kardashian Fake Baby Bump in Photos

By on July 30, 2015

Kim Kardashian has been accused, like many before her, of having a fake baby bump. Kardashian, who announced her second pregnancy on the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is best known for sharing a lot of selfies and it seems that these photos may be causing a problem for the reality star.

The problem with Kardashian’s baby bump is it looks big, then small, then big again, causing fans to ask – is it real or isn’t it? While it may be the clothes, the colors she is wearing or even the angle of the photos, it is creating a controversy. Kim Kardashian laughs at the idea of a ‘fake’ baby bump, calling it “hysterical.” While she can laugh now, that has not always been the case – back in June, Kim went on a twitter rant where she had a few choice words for those people who thought she was faking her pregnancy. Her tweets included:

“Pregnant Kiki does not play”

“Please. This is the type of stuff I will address. If I got a surrogate, I would say I did. Thankfully I didn’t have 2.”

Kardashian is not the only celebrity who has been accused of faking a baby bump – there was Beyonce, who was in the news over and over for faking her baby bump, with a video showing her baby bump deflated while making an appearance on a talk show. There is also Danielle Jonas, Nick Jonas’ wife, who was also accused of faking her bump and even the actual baby. Finally, there was Kelly Preston, who was in her late 40’s when she gave birth to a baby, following the death of her son Jett Travolta.

While there is no proof either way of Kim’s baby bump being fake, we have to ask – would Kim be posting selfies of her baby bump every day if the baby bump was a fake? I would think she wouldn’t risk being ‘caught’ and would just post selfies of her face.

We have the photos on the next page that Kim posted on Instagram over the past few days. You be the judge – check out the photos and let us know your thoughts on whether you think the baby bump is real or a fake.

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