Nikki Minaj Turns Taylor Swift Twitter War Into a Race Thing – White Vs. Black

By on July 22, 2015

Following the VMA Nominations, where Taylor Swift received her usual umpteen nominations, Nikki Minaj took to Twitter to complain and whine about not receiving enough nominations.  During her twitter rant, Minaj threw some shade at Taylor Swift before coming out and blaming the white media.

'nicki minaj bet awards'

The rant began with Minaj taking to Twitter to unload her unhappiness with the VMA Nominations. Minaj’s tweets are as follows:

Hey guys @MTV thank you for my nominations. 😘😘😘 Did Feeling Myself miss the deadline or…?

If I was a different “kind” of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well. 😊😊😊

Ellen did her own anaconda video and did the #choreo lol. Remember her doing that kick 😩. Even mtv did a post on the choreo @MTV remember?

U couldn’t go on social media w/o seeing ppl doing the cover art, choreo, outfits for Halloween…an impact like that & no VOTY nomination?

When the “other” girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year 

QueenBey hit me about Anaconda after the IG snippet was released saying how much she loved it. She was also VERY hands on w/FeelingMyself 😊

I’m not always confident. Just tired. Black women influence pop culture so much but are rarely rewarded for it.

After reading all of her tweets and throwing the shade at ‘women with slim bodies’ Taylor Swift had enough and replied to Nicki saying,

@NICKIMINAJ I’ve done nothing but love & support you. It’s unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot..

While Minaj believes black women are frequently overlooked in pop culture, this is not necessarily the case – just ask Beyoncé . Beyoncé has won 20 Grammy Awards, making her the second most honored female artist by the Grammys and the most nominated woman in Grammy Award history with 52 nominations. Beyoncé also set the record for the most Grammy awards won by a female artist in one night in 2010 when she won six awards.

Rather than making this a black vs. white thing – how about Nikki Minaj make it about talent. While Minaj was definitely overlooked for Video of the Year – no need to throw shade at the slim bodies or bring in race. What do you think?

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