Ray Donovan Recap 7/26/15 – Season 3 Ep. 3 – ‘Come and Knock on Our Door’ – Will Terry Die?

By on July 26, 2015
'ray donovan ep 3'

In the third episode of season 3 of Ray Donovan entitled, ‘I Know These Guys,’ Terry’s life hangs in the balance. Following a jail house fight where Terry killed an Arian, the Arian’s are looking for revenge.

'ray donovan ep 3'

Mickey wants Ray’s help to release Terry from prison and thinks that by offering him cocaine, which he has quite a bit of since he is now a drug dealer, that will help to convince Ray. He mustn’t know his son, because Ray wants nothing to do with the drugs and tells Mickey to stay out of it. When have we known Mickey to stay out of anything??

When we last left off with Ray Donovan, Ray is offered a handsome sum for his business from Finney’s father and Mickey is looking to becoming a pimp after killing the pimp in charge of Ginger. We also saw Micky borrow $10K from a loan shark, in exchange for the title of Darryll’s car and uses $5K of it to buy cocaine. He plans on using the cocaine to give to the girls who will give it to their clients. In turn he will become a loan shark/drug dealer to the men and Darryll will manage the women.

Mickey meets with the hookers again and tells them he will supply them with coke, they can sell it and split the profits. For one day only. No commitment.

Meanwhile Ray is having a tough time. Having been beaten up and learning about his brother Terry killing an Arian. Bunchy goes to Ray and asks for $20k from his settlement fund to invest in the Mexican fighters. He tells Ray the gym will make money. Ray reveals that the gym is just a front.

Mickey goes to the jail where he meets up with Ray. They tell Mickey he can’t go in because the jail is on lockdown. When Ray arrives he is able to get in. He speaks to Mickey and tells him to butt out. Ray sees Terry, who is in solitary confinement. Terry tells Ray he is through – since he has nothing to fight for – his body is shutting down and Francis doesn’t write him. Terry tells Ray he loves him but he doesn’t want his help.

Ray pays the judge who sentenced Terry and asked him to get Terry out of prison. He offers him $50K to get Terry out of jail and pulls a gun on him. He tells Ray to leave and take his money with him. Ray approaches Agent Frank Barnes and asks him if he will go after Judge Weddick. Barnes doesn’t want to do it but Ray plays an old tape that would incriminate him in a crime and he would lose his job.

Ray receives a call from the guard who is watching over Terry and tells him he quits and will be released into the general population. Ray rushes back to the judges house with Barnes, but Mickey got there first. The judge had a heart attack and needed a pill, but Mickey refused to give him the pill he needed. Ray tells Mickey – ‘you just killed another one of your kids,’ before driving off.

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