Teen Wolf Recap 6/30/15 Season 5 ‘Parasomnia’

By on July 1, 2015
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Teen Wolf premiered with what seemed to be just a prelude. As the show is apt to do, it asked more questions than it answered, but still jump-started the season. In an eight minute sequence, banshee Lydia Martin was seen confined to an institution in what appeared to be a catatonic state. After a lot of lead up, she demonstrated physical agility and abilities she did not have last season. Only then was the bomb dropped. All of her friends are going to die. Just another night in Beacon Hills. This was revealed to be a flash forward.

In present time, a new adversary revealed himself. A sort of super werewolf attempted to fight Scott once again who was on his way to his senior year of high school. The wolf was defeated only to reveal the worst was yet to come. Dread Doctors, essentially evil scientists worship the supernatural and have come to stir something up. Though quite standard for a Teen Wolf episode, Lydia’s banshee powers made it clear this will not be an ordinary season. She sees the demise of each of the people in their cobbled together pack. Scott, Stiles, and Malia are all doomed. And Lydia is stuck with whispers. To be sure, the worst is yet to come.

We have the first part of the season five premiere of Teen Wolf here.

During the second part of the season premiere of Teen Wolf, we learn the vocabulary word of the week,  Parasomnia. Or as Mrs. Martin enlightens us with: night terrors. Scott and his pack aren’t the only ones that are dealing with the repercussions of last night. Newcomer Tracy experiences these night terrors, along with vomiting up black bile with feathers in them.

Season two almost had this amount of influx of characters except that was way more interesting. And memorable. It’s clear that the writers are preparing for the eventuality about the core cast from season one moving on but too many characters at once that look very similar is confusing. The logic of Lydia’s powers are still unclear but apparently this is more important.

Scott is back at working at the veterinary office with Deacon. Settling on a future for himself, he wants to be a doctor and everything is beautiful. How far he has come when he didn’t understand what the slang for steroids were.

Newcomer Theo drives a rift between the core group. Right on track, Stiles is completely paranoid. This is rightly so. In the land of werewolves, you should be suspicious of basically everything. He is the Harry Potter of this world. When something weird is going on, probably trust the dude’s hypothesis that something bad is about to happen. Three occurrences is a pattern! Stiles might be a little paranoid only because this seems like such a small problem compared to every other season. The characters don’t really know about the Dread Doctors from the end of the last episode but they should at least be curious about what SuperWolf was up to or why he was there.

Stiles enlists Liam to follow Theo and creepiness immediately ensues. They find him throwing a flower over a bridge in memoriam. Stiles recites some factoid about Theo’s sister dying there, but this might be a red herring.

Scott finds out what Stiles and Liam have done. The cracks in the strongest relationship begin to show. After everything they have been through together, the prophecy about high school friends drifting apart is about to come true.

Liam finally gives into his desire to tell his best friend Mason the truth about him being a werewolf. The beauty of this show is what is different about this. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer preached keeping the secret of the main protagonists. It is refreshing to see new wolf Liam immediately tell his best friend about his situation.

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