True Detective Recap 7/19/15 Season 2 Episode 5: Other Lives

By on July 18, 2015
'true detective season 2'
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The most recent episode of True Detective ended with the most action packed, thrilling, yet bloody scene in this season of True Detective so far. The supposed suspect identity, Lito Amarillo was discovered in the episode by Officer Woodrugh after finding Caspere’s watch at a pawn shop.

'true detective season 2'

The detectives and Vinci police’s plan of raiding Amarillo’s warehouse to arrest him, went chaotic as Amarillo and his cartel went on a shooting spree killing and injuring police. When the cartel tries to escape, their SUV crashes into a public bus. This unfortunately leads to the cartel and Amarillo shooting civilians on the street and in the bus.

Through all the shooting and gunfire, Velcoro, Woodrugh, and Bezzerides stay alive. Woodrugh and Velcoro get right in front of Amarillo steadily trying to arrest him, but Amarillo kills a civilian at gun point causing the detectives to shoot him to death.

This Sunday’s episode will be a mess for the detectives to fix for the city of Vinci and Los Angeles. After a public attack of this nature, people will ask questions. Also, there is uncertainty if Amarillo was the killer of Caspere, even though his cartel’s actions may indicate it.

Similar to season 1’s story, where suspect Reggie Ledoux was killed by the detectives before questioning, the detectives now will not be able to question Amarillo or any of his cartel.

Semyon may have past involvement with the Mexican cartel as he mentions Mexico to some of his business partners and he tells his wife and team to stay in his Vinci casino when they see the fire occur at Amarillo’s warehouse during the shooting.

It will be interesting to find out if Blake Churchman is working behind Semyon’s back, as Semyon is starting to believe his main associate could be trying to thwart his business plans.

Summary of Episode 5:

The episode takes place 66 days after the shooting, which is called the Vince Massacre by people and the news. Everyones lives have tremendously changed. The Vinci police conclude that the cartel and Amarillo were responsible for Caspere’s death after the massacre, so investigation for Caspere has stopped.

Velcoro is no longer a detective as he quit the job after the massacre. He believes something was not right that day as the cartel were expecting them and even suspects they were set up to get killed. He also is unsure if the Mexican cartel were the real killers of Caspere. Velcoro works for Semyon helping him with his business dealings.

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