Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 10 – HoH, Nominees and PoV and One Juror Returns

By on August 28, 2015
'big brother 17'

It is the 10th week of Big Brother and we are only weeks away from the season finale when one person will walk out of the house $500k richer than when they entered. Johnny Mac was eliminated on the most recent live episode. He was put up along side Steve, who made it another week.

'big brother 17'
The HoH competition also included the four jurors who have been eliminated the past few weeks – including John McGuire, who had just been eliminated. Competing for a chance to return to the house besides John was Shelli Poole, Jackie Ibarra and Becky Burgess. Winning their way back into the house was John McGuire.

The Head of Household competition was an endurance battle with the houseguests and jurors on swings. Who would last the longest and become the HoH and returning juror? The feeds were on – so you could have watched the houseguests battle it out to see who would fall off the moving swings first. These weren’t sit in the chair swings, as expected they were little round discs hanging by a rope – much like the houseguests – and of course they were spinning.

The first three people eliminated were Julia, Steve, & Meg, followed by James and Jackie. Everyone but John and Vanessa are out. John is the returning Juror and Vanessa is the HoH.

Who will Vanessa nominate for eviction? Will she finally turn on the twins and Austin or will she put Johnny Mac up again for elimination?

Vanessa tried to make a deal with John on the swings but he didn’t accept it – she asked him why afterwards and he told her he didn’t want to publicly accept her deal. but after their talk the other day he now fully trusts her and really does want to work together. Obviously if she is the HoH that is a wise decision by John. Vanessa promises him safety this week. Will she keep her word?

Meanwhile, Liz and Austin are pushing for Johnny Mac to be nominated once again, but Vanessa says she needs to do what’s best for her game and that might not be putting up John. She also promises Austin and the twins that they won’t be put on the block by her, but she isn’t taking their directions on how to do her nominations.

If Vanessa holds true to her word then Austin, Julia, Liz and John are safe, leaving only three options for eviction – Steve, James and Meg.

What do you think? Who will she nominate for eviction??


James and Meg find themselves on the block. The Veto competition took place on Saturday. James won and used the PoV. Vanessa nominated Julia for eviction. Will she end up being evicted or will Meg leave the house?

We will keep you posted.


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